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CALGARY, Alberta  (LifeSiteNews) – Drivers in a large Canadian city who honked in solidarity with protesters opposing the federal COVID mandates of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were given tickets by police, which resulted in people chanting “shame” to cops.

A video taken by Western Standard reporter Rachel Emmanuel documented one incident that occurred Saturday in Calgary, where a person was ticketed for horn honking.

The video shows a police officer speaking to a lady in a car that was pulled over, with a crowd in the background on the sidewalk chanting “shame, shame, shame, shame” at the police officer as they passed by.

The lady had honked her horn in support of a protest outside Calgary’s City Hall against federal COVID mandates, including Trudeau’s ban on the vaccine-free from traveling by air, rail, or sea.

The lady in the car received an $81 ticket, which she said she will fight in court.

According to Rebel News, which was also at the protest, there were many other instances of cars honking in favor of the rally getting pulled over by police and drivers being ticketed for the simple act of showing their solidarity.

Over 500 people on Saturday attended a pro-freedom anti-COVID mandate rally in front of Calgary’s City Hall. The rally occurred despite the fact Calgary Police have a protest injunction in place for certain areas of the downtown that bans blocking sidewalks or traffic or activities that “unreasonably” interrupt park use, along with the honking of horns.

The injunction came about after leftest Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek complained March 12 on Twitter that pro-freedom marchers who had regularly gathered in the city’s downtown for months were not “protests,” and were disrupting residents.

During a March 12 anti-COVID mandate protest, pro-lockdown counter-protesters blocked the designated marching route of the pro-freedom marchers, defying police orders. Gondek inferred that the counter-protesters were OK in their actions to cause a disturbance while the peaceful anti-mandate protesters were somehow rule breakers.

As a result, and after pressure from Calgary City Hall, an Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice permitted the city a temporary court injunction against protesting in certain areas on March 18.

Despite the injunction, freedom protests have continued to take place each Saturday in Calgary.

The trucker Freedom Convoy that took place in Ottawa for three weeks in February popularized the use of horn honking to show support for the lifting of all COVID mandates.

This resulted in the city placing a ban on horn honking led to the ticketing and even arrest of some who honked in support of the truckers.

A Canadian MP from Trudeau’s Liberal Party claimed that the “honk honk” slogan used by truckers and their supporters is “an acronym” for the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler.”