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Unitarian 'minister' Samaya OakleyCalgary Unitarians/YouTube screenshot

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — A Calgary Unitarian church has announced an “all-ages” drag show on Easter Sunday to replace Easter with “International Transgender Day of Visibility.”

This Easter Sunday, March 31, the Calgary Unitarian Church is hosting a drag queen show titled “DRAG Me to Church” to protest Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s new legislation to protect children from devastating so-called “top and bottom” surgeries as well as other forms of transgender ideology. 

“Come join us at Calgary Unitarians for a thought-provoking service and sacred act of protest as we support our Trans Siblings during this current political climate,” a description on Eventbrite reads.   

The “kid friendly” event, which has sold out online, will include drag queen performances and “story time,” singing, dancing, and “thought provoking speakers,” according to the Eventbrite description.  

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All collections from the event will go to a local LGBT activist group called Skipping Stone.

This year the Christian feast of Easter Sunday coincides with the newly invented so-called “International Transgender Day of Visibility.” As a result, some woke churches have ditched their traditional Easter services celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus in favor of honoring the LGBT mob.  

“No matter what tradition you’re from, I guarantee you that you will have people in your community who identify on the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum,” Rev. Samaya Oakley, the minister of the Calgary Unitarians told the Calgary Herald.  “If we are truly people who believe in the goodness and the inherent love that exists in this world, then we would extend that to people on that spectrum,” she claimed, failing to explain how telling someone they would be happier as someone other than themselves and should mutilate themselves is loving them.   

The event is also a protest against Alberta’s announcement of what is perhaps the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, protecting children from transgender mutilation. 

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Smith said her United Conservative Party (UCP) government will soon be introducing legislation that, if passed, would bar doctors in the province from chemically or surgically “transitioning” children under age 17. The new legislation will also mandate parental consent for pronoun changes in school. Coming in the fall will be additional legislation that bans men who claim to be women from competing in women’s sports. 

While LGBT activists are dismayed that they can now have more limited effects on children, pro-family Canadians are celebrating the move.  

According to a poll last summer, 78% of Canadians support parents’ right to know if their child identifies as “transgender” at school.