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OROVILLE, California (LifeSiteNews) — The city of Oroville in Northern California voted to declare itself a “Constitutional Republic City” to protect its citizens against tyrannical state and federal COVID mandates.

In a 6-1 vote by Oroville’s city council on November 6, members approved the motion with the power to opt out of enforcing “any executive orders issued by the state of California or by the United States federal government that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.”

The city or Oroville has a population of over 15,000.

“What we are doing is protecting our citizens’ rights as much as we can on the local level,” Oroville Vice Mayor Scott Thomson told Fox News Digital.

“In a way, we are acting as a sanctuary city for our citizens and their rights and freedoms protected by the U.S. and state constitutions,” continued Thomson. “Gavin Newsom [California’s governor] modeled this type of declaration for us when he declared San Francisco a sanctuary city [for illegal immigrants] for what he believed to be overreach by the federal government against his citizens.”

Thomson, who was the person who proposed the now-approved measure, said the decision had to be made as “we’re not talking about one mandate,” but rather “a barrage of mandates.”

“I think it’s time for us to draw a line in the sand,” stated the vice mayor. “Enough is enough.”

According to Thomson, the new measure will not ubiquitously throw out any and all measures imposed by the state and federal governments. “Each and every mandate will be handled differently,” with any disagreements being handled democratically with a “majority vote.”

“Our state representatives have been trying to get through to our governor for him to hear that just because something works well for big cities like Sacramento or San Francisco does not mean that the same thing holds true for rural areas like Oroville,” explained Thomson. “If he would allow more local control or listen to our representatives, we would not be here.”

California has consistently been known as one of the most restrictive states in America when it comes to the implementation of COVID measures. Gov. Newsom went as far as mandating the experimental COVID jabs, which do not complete clinical trials until 2023, for all children in his state who wish to attend both private or public school.

On the local level, some counties in California have taken it upon themselves to go even further than Newsom, with Santa Cruz County mandating citizens wear masks whenever they are interacting with people from other households, including inside their own homes.

Mentioning the harm done to children, Thomson wrote to ABC 7, “[These mandates] are affecting every aspect of our lives and our kids’ lives. The American culture and way of life is being challenged at its very core and perverted by radicalized politicians who have forgotten that, as a republic, the power belongs to the people.”