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SAN RAFAEL, California, June 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A California congressman is hosting an in-person town hall tomorrow that is limited to 100 vaccinated participants.

The unvaccinated are relegated to participating online.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) explained in an email invitation, “In accordance with Marin County COVID-19 protocols, in-person attendance will be limited to 100 guests. Seating will be socially-distanced and masks are required. Proof of vaccination will be required at the event before entrance for in-person attendance. Guests can also view the town hall on Facebook Live, Marin TV, or KPCA.”

“Priority will be given to constituents of California’s Second District on a first-come, first-served basis,” Huffman’s email invitation said. “Proof of vaccination with a state or federal ID will be required at the time of the event to attend in-person.”

Screenshot of email blast from Huffman promoting the vaccine-segregated event. An online version of the email can be viewed at

Huffman is a cosponsor of and voted for the “For the People Act” (H.R. 1), a bill to completely gut state voter ID requirements.

Huffman’s online advertisements of the event, which already has 100 registrants, do not actually specify which vaccines participants must present proof of receiving. Californians are assuming Huffman means participants must show proof of receiving a coronavirus vaccine, particularly given the sentence about proof of vaccine is in the email blast’s paragraph about “Marin County COVID-19 protocols.”

Screenshot of the eventbrite registration for Rep. Huffman's event,, accessed June 7, 2021

Some constituents are calling the vaccine requirement a violation of California law, a form of discrimination, and “apartheid.”

“It discriminates and coerces,” commented Lisa Longnecker, a participant in the local activist group Marin Standup!, which advocates for medical and religious freedom.

“It promotes segregation and apartheid against people who got a first shot, had a severe reaction and can't get a second shot, people with allergies, disabilities, medical conditions, and religious people” who conscientiously object to taking the vaccine, she said. “Imagine if they said, ‘If you’re black, you can’t come in.’ That's a biological thing. So is an allergy.”

Vaccine safety advocates note that the Americans with Disabilities Act can potentially include as a disability medical contraindications to vaccines, and thus to treat someone differently because of such a condition could be illegal under the ADA and its sister statute the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson recently ripped vaccine-based segregation on his popular show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, “pretty much everybody agreed that segregation was the worst thing this country ever did,” Tucker Carlson told his audience on Tuesday night, kicking off a sardonic monologue about vaccination passports and the social penalties for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Forcing certain categories of citizens into separate, lesser accommodations, barring them from public places, treating them like lepers or untouchables: that was completely immoral and wrong,” the Fox News host continued. “We were told that a lot, and most of us strongly agree. It was wrong.

Nevertheless, “the very same people” who have condemned segregation “are now enforcing segregation,” Carlson charged.

“Medical Jim Crow has come to America,” the host said, provocatively citing the laws that enforced racial segregation in parts of the U.S. from the 1870s until 1965. “If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.”

Longnecker is calling on fellow concerned citizens to protest the in-person event. The town hall meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 8 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time at San Rafael Community Center (618 B Street, San Rafael, CA 94901). In-person participation requires an RSVP online and “proof of completed vaccination(s) more than two weeks prior.”

Potential attendees are also invited to send questions in advance to [email protected].

The event will be livestreamed on Huffman’s Facebook page.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Huffman’s office for comment, but did not receive a response by press time.

Dorothy Cummings McLean contributed to this article.

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