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(LifeSiteNews) — A counseling service in California’s Bay Area is permitting children, teenagers, and young adults to chat online about gender, sexuality, and race in weekly sessions, The Washington Free Beacon spotlighted in an article last week.

LGBT youth organization Outlet, a branch of Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS), is hosting weekly sessions for gender-confused young people to meet up to “share experiences” and “build community.”

The organization, which says it “empowers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Agender + (LGBTQIA+) youth and builds safe and accepting communities through support, education, and advocacy,” is currently hosting three separate online weekly groups for gender-confused young people, mingling children with teenagers and teenagers with people in their 20s.

The Free Beacon pointed out that the group’s parent organization, ACS, “contracts with four Bay Area public schools and a youth center to offer onsite counseling to kids.”

Outlet’s Monday group is advertised for ages 10 to 18 and is billed as providing “a safe and confidential space to share experiences and build community,” according to the organization’s website.

A separate group that meets on Thursdays welcomes a broad range of teens and young adults between the ages of 14 and 25 “who identify as part of the transgender community, or who want to explore their gender identity.” The group is advertised as featuring “specific trans femme/trans masc breakout spaces.” 

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Another group for 14- to 25-year-olds hosted on Tuesdays is geared toward “Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color” and will focus on “exploring, supporting, and educating ourselves and others on the intersectionality of being LGBTQIA+ and a Person of Color.”

Outlet states on its website that its staff members “provide a safe environment that is confidential, inclusive, and non-judgmental.”

But the programs have sparked concern for grouping young people of diverse ages to talk about sexuality and “gender identity,” with one San Francisco attorney blasting the groups as “extremely dangerous” in comments to The Free Beacon.

“We’re talking about 10-year-olds with 18-year-olds? I can’t think of one good reason why this should be occurring,” said Erin Friday, who co-leads Our Duty, an international support group for parents wishing to shield their children from gender ideology. 

She argued that “[t]hese types of groups are feeding the gender medical complex.”

Friday’s remarks come as rates of transgender identification among children have spiked in recent years and the instances of surgical mutilation for minors have risen astronomically. The head of Boston Children’s Hospital gender clinic recently admitted in a resurfaced video that rates of gender dysphoria have “skyrocketed” in recent years.

The news site pointed out that the Bay Area counseling service isn’t the only online program for gender-confused youth that has sparked concern for connecting gender-confused teenagers with young adults.

The Trevor Project, a prominent national pro-LGBT organization, has long provided an online platform for kids and young adults between the ages of 13-24 to chat about their gender identities. 

“TrevorSpace” bills itself as “an affirming, online community for LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13-24” that “helps young people explore their identities, get advice, find support, and make friends in a moderated community intentionally designed for them.”

“With TrevorSpace, LGBTQ young people can build an online support network by meeting new friends, joining clubs, sharing hobbies, getting advice, and starting discussions with a group of like-minded people,” The Trevor Project states on its website.

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Gender-confused kids and young adults are told they “can be their authentic selves and feel like they belong” while using the online chatroom. The discussions are reportedly moderated by a “team of online moderators” along with “AI-technology” to keep “the site secure” so that “young people can log on to TrevorSpace with peace of mind.”

LifeSiteNews has extensively reported that the marked increase in transgender identification and surgical and chemical mutilation of children and young people has coincided with kids across the country being actively encouraged in the culture and their classrooms to adopt “transgender,” “gender fluid,” or “non-binary” identities.

In addition to asserting a false reality that one’s sex can be changed, transgender surgeries and drugs have been linked to permanent physical and psychological damage, including cardiovascular diseasesloss of bone densitycancerstrokes and blood clotsinfertility, and suicidality.