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SACRAMENTO, CA, August 28, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Unlike over a dozen other states, California is resisting calls to investigate Planned Parenthood.

On Monday, Democrats in the Golden State's Joint Legislative Audit Committee rejected a request, made by Republican assemblywoman Melissa Melendez and twelve other lawmakers, to audit the national abortion giant.  Melendez assured her colleagues that she had no intention to defund Planned Parenthood but insisted that the scandal involving Planned Parenthood's harvesting and sale of aborted babies' body parts demands state action.

“What I don't understand,” Melendez said, “is why someone would oppose looking into the allegations that have been made and assuring the public.”

The pro-life Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has now released eight videos showing disturbing practices by Planned Parenthood and the tissue procurement company StemExpress, with whom Planned Parenthood was a partner until recently.

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The California assembly rejected the request for an audit in spite of the fact that the majority of people filing to be heard before the committee were in favor of one.  Democrat state senator Connie Leyva condemned the audit as a “witch hunt” and noted that scrutinizing Planned Parenthood's books “may ultimately hurt the countless women and men that rely on [Planned Parenthood's] vital health services every day.” 

Leyva also claimed that an audit of Planned Parenthood, which receives over $200 million every year in California state funds, would cost $300,000 in taxpayer dollars – a prohibitive expense, per Leyva.

California, out of which CMP operates, is also the state whose Superior Court temporarily blocked CMP from releasing videos of StemExpress employees.  A federal judge and prominent Obama donor also forbade CMP to release footage from an annual meeting organized by the National Abortion Federation.  The Superior Court threw out the StemExpress restraining order in mid-August, but the NAF order remains in effect.

Assemblywoman Melendez expressed shock following the Audit Committee's decision, calling her Democrat counterparts “political puppets.”