California governor’s maskless party guests were California Medical Association officials

Gavin Newsom’s dinner party took place in violation of his own prohibition on gatherings of more than three households as well as gatherings taking longer than two hours.
Fri Nov 20, 2020 - 2:01 pm EST
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SACRAMENTO, California, November 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In yet another development on California Governor Gavin Newsom’s rule-breaking dinner party, it turned out that his guests were in fact senior officials of the California Medical Association (CMA), acting in violation of their own COVID-19 lockdown guidance.

Earlier this month, photos emerged showing Gov. Newsom attend a large party indoors, with people from several different households not physically distanced, all without masks. The group was reportedly being so loud that doors had to be closed on the group to contain the noise.

Newsom’s actions were in violation of his own state-wide order, which prohibits gatherings of more than three households as well as gatherings taking longer than two hours. The California Department of Public Health noted that the three-household limit “includes everyone present, including hosts and guests.”

Newsom has also been urging people to forego their Thanksgiving celebrations this year.

Now, information has emerged regarding the guests with whom Newsom was dining. The images show that Janus Norman, “a top lobbyist for the California Medical Association,” was positioned directly beside the California governor.

Further to the right of Newsom Dustin Corcoran was seated, the CEO of the California Medical Association.

Politico reported, “The CMA has long been a powerful presence in the state Capitol, and its Sacramento officials are longtime friends with Kinney. The group spent $2.1 million last year lobbying state leaders.”

The CMA officials were in violation of their own disturbing mask ad, released back in August. The video stated, “masks help stop the transmission of COVID-19,” and then indemnified those who did not wear masks, stating, “and still, people refuse to do even this little thing to keep us safe.”

“Anti-mask and anti-science fanatics are endangering our kids, our jobs, our future,” the video claimed. “I’m through indulging anyone who refuses to do what’s right. Enough with the dumb conspiracies and selfish politicians.”

Newsom joins a long list of people the CMA mask ad would describe as “selfish politicians.”

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The list is composed of Democrat politicians, liberal personalities, and left-wing activists who have flouted their own coronavirus rules to riot and/or protest (Black Lives Matter activists); get their hair done (Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi); disregard masks (CNN’s Chris Cuomo), commit adultery (Neil Ferguson, the U.K. professor whose errant predictions of millions of COVID-19 deaths led to many lockdowns), hold political victory celebrations (Joe Biden supporters), mourn the dead (attendees of the funeral of Rep. John Lewis, D-GA), or engage in “nonessential” holiday travel (Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker).

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