WASHINGTON, August 12, 2011 ( – The California legislature is now pushing through a bill to remove parental notification for children as young as 12 to receive the dangerous STD vaccine Gardasil.

The American Life League reports that each treatment of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, has an average cost of over $360, a sum that would be footed by taxpayers.

Gardasil, the most popular HPV vaccine, has been found to cause dangerous side effects and as many as twelve deaths in the United States alone.

The state had attempted but failed in 2007 to mandate HPV vaccinations for all girls entering junior high.

Dr. Diane Harper, a former lead researcher for the controversial vaccine, told CBS in 2009 that serious side effects could prove riskier than the HPV the drug purports to prevent, and that “young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine.”

“The known medical risks and controversy demonstrate the true nature of this legislation: Sexual zealots in Californian politics believe that 12-year-old boys and girls are sexual animals that have no need or ability to control their own behavior,” said Paul E. Rondeau, director of communications for American Life League.

“The premise is that children will and should have sex regardless of what parents believe is best for their own sons and daughters.”

Hearings on AB499 are expected starting on August 15. If passed, California governor Jerry Brown is widely expected to sign the measure.

“Sexual politics is not about the health of children and families: Sexual revolutionaries grow their careers, manufacturers of so-called sexual preventions and cures like Merck grow their market, and distributors like Planned Parenthood grow their profits,” said Rondeau.

American Life League is sending an Action Alert to all its constituents in California, and urging its 115 national Associates to support the defeat of AB499.