California priest: Pope Francis ‘spreads … confusion like a virus’

He also lashed out at the President: ‘A good example of hypocrisy would be Joe Biden. He says he is a good Catholic, but he’s the opposite.’
Fri Jun 4, 2021 - 10:54 am EST
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GUASTI, California, June 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A Norbertine priest from Orange County, California, pulled no punches in his Pentecost homily, blasting the reign of falsehoods in Church and society, including by leaders such as Pope Francis and President Joe Biden.

Fr. Francis Gloudeman explained that a falsehood can be identified by causing confusion. “A prime example of that would be Pope Francis,” the priest said. “A Jesuit education confused him, and he spreads this confusion like a virus.”

Gloudeman also pointed to hypocrisy as a sign of falsehood, mentioning pro-abortion President Biden — a self-described Catholic — by name.

A hypocrite, he explained, is saying “one thing and doing something [that is] the opposite. Fake. Being fake … A good example of hypocrisy would be Joe Biden. He says he is a good Catholic, but he’s the opposite. He supports those things, which are against Catholicism. That is hypocrisy on a grand scale — in front of the whole world!”

Regarding the recent statement signed by 14 U.S. bishops in partnership with a pro-homosexual advocacy group in support of young people who identify as LGBT, telling them that “God is on their side,” Gloudeman blasted his own bishop in the Diocese of San Bernardino.

“One sad example [of falsehood] in our diocese: Our bishop, Alberto Rojas, is one of the 14 bishops who made a big error. Right? He was one of the 14 that signed a document saying LGBT is healthy, normal … That is an error … It is a mortal sin. A sin that leads to hell, to condemnation … Insofar as one loves the sin, that person hates the sinner.”

Gloudeman also noted that his diocese was promoting a homosexual agenda in the formation of priests. Bishop Emeritus Gerald R. Barnes, he stated, “has been destroying vocations, making this diocese one of the worst in this country regarding vocations. Are we going to act like this is okay? … Is it okay that good young men are screened out of the seminary … because [they] are close-minded, [they’re] not open to married priests, and homosexual priests?”

In a conversation with LifeSiteNews, Gloudeman specifically encouraged fathers to gather where authentic Catholicism is preached and lived, and to support such places.

“Go to those priests that are acting like shepherds, that are acting like men with courage [and] speaking out,” he said. “Those are the examples you want for your children, especially for your boys … Our clergy are failing us … Go to those places where you can receive communion on the tongue, where you can receive confession … support those places.”

Gloudeman compared current events with the times of Pope St. Gregory VII: “There was lay investiture, simony, concubinage, and he was the first to speak out against these harshly. And it caused tremendous resistance in parts of Europe. And so he appealed to the lay people, and he said, ‘Do not go to those bishops, priests, religious who are being bad shepherds, who are … not following Church teaching — don’t receive their sacraments, don’t listen to their homilies, don’t go to their churches, don’t support them financially.’ Go to the obedient priests. Support them.”

On Pentecost, the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit.

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The Holy Spirit, Gloudeman explained, is the Spirit of Truth. Where there is falsehood and hypocrisy, “the Holy Spirit is not a part of that.” The answer to falsehoods, he continued, “is courage,” which comes from the Holy Spirit.

He said that all Catholics are called to “peace and war.” Pointing to a statue of Our Lady, Gloudeman declared, “This is peace.” At the same time, this is also war, he added, as she is crushing the head of the serpent.

“I will not put up with [these falsehoods] anymore,” Gloudeman concluded.

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