SACRAMENTO, August 14, 2003 ( – In a state where electing a Republican governor is now regarded as near-impossible, strategists see popular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entry into the recall race as their last best hope of winning the governor’s mansion.  However, social conservatives within the Party regard the famous actor’s entrance into the race as little more than political opportunism especially given Schwarzenegger’s extreme pro-abortion and pro-homosexual stands. His choice of Warren Buffett as senior economic adviser came as no surprise to pro-lifers who unlike the media have noted Buffet’s avid support for pro-abortion organizations.  Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, who has passed some of the most anti-life legislation in U.S. history, is activating his “most loyal constituencies”—“inviting support from high-profile abortion rights activists,” according to media reports, and turning to former President Bill Clinton for advice.  Pro-abortion feminists regard Schwarzenegger as a threat because pro-life Republicans will likely play some role in his administration. “Make no mistake about it,” said NARAL Pro-Choice America president Kate Michelman, “there is a direct line from the anti-choice movement’s stealth strategy to undermine Roe vs. Wade and the way it set up this recall election. They can’t make government interfere in our personal decisions unless they grab control of government.”  See local media coverage: _california/6529609.htm

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