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OAKLAND, California (LifeSiteNews) – A California elementary school has stirred controversy with a social event exclusively for certain minority students, with a subsequent bomb threat by an unknown offender enabling the school to deflect criticism and cast itself as the victim.

The Post Millennial reported that on Chabot Elementary School’s Equity & Inclusion Committee held a Playdate Social on August 26 expressly for “Black, Brown, or API” (Asian/Pacific Islander) students and their families for the purpose of a “chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this school year.”

The posting, discovered by progressivism watchdog Twitter/X account Libs of TikTok, provoked outrage from parents who challenged the premise of practicing racial segregation in the name of ending racism.

The “worst part,” according to one social media respondent, is that such events are generally “fueled by extreme white left of liberal ‘woke’ people” who “feel they can speak for” minorities.

Local Fox affiliate KTVU reported that Chabot Elementary was evacuated Tuesday before classes started in response to an early morning bomb threat said to contain “some racial undertones,” according to Oakland Police Capt. Lisa Ausmus. The school also received a spate of hostile emails about the event.

“They decided to start emailing us threats, asked if we wanted a race war, it was something mentioned of being locked in chains and released back in the jungle where we belong,” Equity & Inclusion Committee member Tamila Jackson claimed.

In the wake of the threat, district leaders are unapologetic toward the members of the community the original event offended.

“Chabot is a diverse school community with more than half of the student population identifying as students of color,” Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammel wrote in a statement Tuesday. “This playdate aimed to create an affinity space where Black, Brown, and API families can build and sustain connection and belonging at the school. It’s one of many examples of the important work we do for equity and inclusion across the District.”

Activist educators’ zeal to promote left-wing ideology in classrooms is a source of ongoing tension in communities across America, from LGBT “pride” videos shown in math class to teachers openly bragging about promoting Communism to their students to teachers’ union members wearing badges promoting the LGBT and Black Lives Matter movements.

Beyond such anecdotal situations, curriculum materials promoting left-wing ideas such as critical race theory have provoked lawmakers in dozens of states to propose and enact laws limiting the promotion of controversial and off-topic political views by teachers in classrooms. 

Such policies have prompted some activist teachers to threaten to quit education, a development conservatives welcome as an added benefit to their favored reforms.