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HAYWARD, California (LifeSiteNews) — A Bay Area school district in America’s most left-wing state is using lesson plans that call for promoting transgenderism and puberty blockers to children, according to a new report.

On Tuesday, the Daily Wire announced that it has reviewed documents detailing lesson plans and recommended resources used in California’s Hayward Unified School District (HUSD), which spans more than 19,000 children from preschool through high school.

The materials include a list of “LGBTQ+ Inclusive Films” that can be streamed online for free, along with recommended audience ages. It includes an entry on “diversity in family structures from a wide range of children’s perspectives” for viewers as young as kindergarten, the story of a 12-year-old girl whose peers’ reaction to her tomboy habits has her “not sure if she wants to be a girl, a boy, or something in-between when she grows up,” recommended for fifth-graders, and the “story of the Hayward Gay Prom, an annual event in Hayward since 1995,” deemed suitable for grades seven and up.

While not mentioned in the list, the website for the tomboy film, “I’m Just Anneke,” adds that the protagonist is given a “medication that will suppress the hormones that are causing her body to change before she’s ready,” which is presented as doing nothing more than “giv[ing] her more time to decide.”

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HUSD also maintains resources for so-called “safe and inclusive” books that “include a range of themes including different family structures like two moms or two dads, gender identity and expression, people from different cultures, physical boundaries (respecting personal space), mixed race identity, etc”; as well as materials on how to hold a “pride flag ceremony,” promote pro-LGBT paraphernalia such as “protect trans kids” T-shirts and “ally ribbons,” and how to “Create Gender Expansive Classrooms.”

“One such lesson plan on ‘gender and identity’ is aimed at K-12 students and argues that ‘Understanding gender and identity requires an appreciation of their multifaceted and dynamic nature,’ adding that ‘People should be respected and supported in their self-identified genders,’” writes the Wire’s Spencer Lindquist. “It also advertises a ‘focal text’ about the use of gender neutral language, such as the pronoun ‘they.’”

It is an article of progressive faith that “gender” is no more than a matter of self-perception that individuals are free to change at will. But according to biology, sex is not a subjective sense of self but an objective scientific reality, established by an individual’s chromosomes from their earliest moments of existence and reflected by hundreds of genetic characteristics. For Christians, the issue is further settled by Genesis 1:27, which teaches that God created both sexes in His image.

Yet for years, LGBT activists have worked to promote “gender fluidity,” the idea that sexual “identity” is separate from biology and discernible only by personal perception, across public education, libraries, healthcare, and cultural traditions, such as beauty contests, school homecomings, and athletic competitions.

Critics condemn their efforts for having yielded a wide array of harms, both to the physical and mental health of gender-confused individuals themselves as well as to the rights, health, and safety of others, including girls and women forced to share intimate facilities with males, female athletes forced to compete against biological males with natural physical advantages, and individuals forced to affirm false sexual “identities” in violation of their consciences, their understanding of scientific fact, and/or their religious beliefs.

Those harms are most severe when it comes to impressionable children, who lack the mental development, emotional maturity, and life experience to consider the long-term ramifications of the decisions being pushed on them or full knowledge about the long-term effects of life-altering, physically transformative, and often irreversible surgical and chemical procedures.