SACRAMENTO, August 26, 2004 ( – The California Senate’s Office of Research (SOR) recently issued a report entitled “Protecting Californians from Hate Crimes: A Progress Report”. In the report’s opening paragraph is a thinly veiled accusation that pro-lifers are of the same mold as hate-filled and violent extremists. The report describes several white supremacist, anti-Semitic, and anti-government criminals as emblematic of the hate crime problem, pointing out that one of the two killed abortion doctors.  California State Assemblyman Tim Leslie, expressing outrage and dismay at the document, wrote to the SOR requesting a retraction and an apology. In his August 24 letter, Leslie said of the report: “Its evident bias against and demonization of people with pro-life views is both naked and offensive.”  Leslie points out that the report fails to acknowledge that the vast majority of pro-life people are not anti-Semitic, white supremacist or anti-government, and affirmed that when crimes are committed in the name of pro-life, they are instantly condemned by the pro-life movement at large.  In his letter to SOR director Donald B. Moulds, Leslie quoted a 2000 study done by Human Life International, which shows that in the category of “Deadly and extreme crimes against persons” (murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and rape) there are 121 pro-abortion incidents versus 25 committed by supposedly pro-life persons. In the category of “Less serious crimes against persons resulting in actual injury” (assault, sex crimes, reckless endangerment, and violation of civil rights), the ratio is 651-112.  Assemblyman Leslie reminded Moulds that “most people who oppose abortion do so because they love life and they love humanity. They are not haters, and you cannot lump them into a category of hateful people. If anything, they are more loving because they give up so much and endure so much to save the lives of babies.”  See the SOR report at