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BUDAPEST, Hungary (LifeSiteNews) — Former President Donald Trump is the only man who can “save the western world” and the globe by bringing peace to Ukraine and thus avoiding a third world war between nuclear powers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Tucker Carlson.

“Call back Trump. That’s the only way out. Call back Trump,” Orbán said in a new episode of Tucker Carlson’s show on ‘X’ / Twitter released Tuesday evening that has received 111 million views as of Thursday, Aug. 31 at 10:30 a.m.

Since the Ukraine war is reshuffling the world order and “threatens to destroy human civilization,” the former FoxNews flagship host traveled to Budapest to interview Orbán, whose nation both borders Ukraine and also acquires most of its energy from Russia.

Orbán, now the longest serving prime minister of his nation, “has been dealing with the Russians all of his life,” Carlson explained in his introduction. “He grew up under Russian occupation. As a young man, he was arrested and thrown into jail by Russian-backed police for his efforts to liberate the country.” And serving in his current role, “he’s dealt regularly with Vladimir Putin.”

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While Orbán acknowledged there were “many reasons” to criticize Trump, he affirmed that the former U.S. president had “the best foreign policy of the recent several decades … He did not initiate any new war. He treated nicely the North Koreans and Russia, even the Chinese. He delivered a policy which was the best one for [the] Middle East, [the] Abraham Accords. So that was a very good foreign policy.”

Trump is “criticized because he’s not educated enough to understand the world, but this is not the case,” Orbán told Carlson. “Facts count and his foreign policy was the best one for the world in the last several decades I have seen. And if he would have been the president at the moment [when] the Russian invasion started, no, it would not be possible to do that by the Russians.”

“So, Trump is the man who can save the western world and probably the human beings in the world as well,” he said.

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Regarding Western media coverage of the war, presenting a narrative that Ukraine is actually winning the conflict against Russia, Orbán said flat out, “It’s a lie. It’s not just a misunderstanding. It’s a lie.” Everyone who works in politics or intelligence and has seen the data understands the opposite is the case.

“The poor Ukrainians die every day, [by the] hundreds and thousands, so my heart is with them. It’s a tragedy for Ukraine,” the prime minister lamented. “But they will run out [of soldiers earlier] than the Russians. What finally will count is boots on the ground and the Russians are far stronger, far more numerous.”

In response to the Biden administration’s stated goal to defeat Russia and drive Putin out of power, Orbán said this is a misunderstanding of the Russian mind and culture.

While Western nations have a particular focus on freedom as a first principle, the highest priority in Russian politics and culture is keeping their very large nation together, the prime minister explained.

“That has generated a different kind of culture and understanding of politics” in Russia, he said. “That’s created a kind of military approach like they have, always [focused] on security, safety, buffer zones, [and] geopolitical approaches.”

“It’s legitimate to have that because it’s their history, but we have to understand that we cannot beat them as we do just now, it’s impossible. They will not kill their leader, they will never give it up, they will keep together the country, and they will defend it,” Orbán emphasized.

‘It’s a very dangerous moment now;’ use of Western soldiers would mean ‘third world war immediately’

Given Hungary’s geographical proximity to these warring nations, the populist leader explained how despite the U.S. government having “the key” to peace in its hand, its sitting “safe in the United States,” making decisions about prolonging the war, is “a different feeling than to sit here in Budapest. Ukraine is the next-door country. So what’s going on there could have an immediate impact in 24 hours here in Hungary.”

Furthermore, the “Hungarian nation” is already daily losing lives since a minority of ethnic Hungarians live in Ukraine and have been conscripted to fight for that country, he said.

And considering the depletion of Ukrainian soldiers in the face of the much larger Russian army, especially due to their reported devastating casualty losses at a ratio of 8 to 1, Carlson asked Orbán where they would obtain more soldiers to continue the war.

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“That’s the most risky question,” he responded. “So, if any Western country would send any boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the West and Russia. And we [would be] in a third world war immediately. So, it’s a very dangerous moment now.”

The prime minister said that his persistent message to the United States at the NATO summit is to “be careful” to avoid this scenario. When Carlson asked what their response was to this admonition, he indicated a level of arrogance on the part of the Biden administration.

“They are bigger, therefore, they are more clever,” he quipped. “So that’s always the case.”

‘In Hungary, we are still very patriotic and Christian,’ prioritizing ‘family, nation, and God’

Yet, the much smaller nation of Hungary remains most proud of their ancient nation and culture, Orbán explained.

“The country was established 1,100 years ago,” he stated, explaining the maintaining of their own language and culture for this period of time to be “a big achievement by itself” over the course of these many centuries.

“To be Hungarian — we are very proud of it. We love the nation, we love the country, and we are proud of it,” he said. “In Hungary, we are still very patriotic and Christian and committed to those values, not [just] on an ideological level but on the streets every day.”

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He further contrasted the dominant anthropological view of the West, which he characterized as seeing the ego, the “me,” as “the center of the world,” while the other view that has ascendancy in Hungary is focused on the “we,” what links the society together. In his nation, the fundamental principles which bind society are “Family, Nation, and God,” and “because they are more important than me, I have to serve these higher-level things.”

Weaponization of justice system indicates opposing parties don’t ‘belong to the same nation.’ Tactic represents ‘a very communist methodology.’

However, when such fundamental ideals are lacking in a group of people who have seized government power, the ability to unite a nation in any meaningful way will be destroyed, Orbán later suggested.

Referencing the Biden administration’s chilling indictments against Trump, the primary opponent in the next election, Carlson asked the prime minister if during his own last election season if he ever considered “just indicting [his] challenger on fake documents charges and trying to throw him in jail. Wouldn’t that have been easier?”

“To use the justice system against one’s political opponents, in Hungary, I think it’s impossible to imagine,” since in the end, “we belong to the same nation,” he said.

“That was done by the communists. It’s a very communist methodology to do that,” he said.

“If you follow that track, [there is] no chance to unify the nation. If the nation is not unified, you can’t run for big purposes. So, competition is OK, but it must be fair [and] legally perfect. Otherwise, you can sacrifice your country and the future of your country for your personal success, which is not acceptable,” he concluded.


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