Call for Merchants to Offer Modest Fashions so Women Can “Dress with Dignity”

Wed Mar 29, 2006 - 12:15 pm EST

by Hilary White

LINCOLN, March 29, 2006 ( – The Family Life Office of the Catholic diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, has endorsed a lay-led effort to make more feminine and modest clothing available to women by retailers.

Project Mother’s Day 2006: a Call to Catholic Action, is an undertaking of the lay apostolate, The Leaven that promotes the family and feminine values. The event, says its organizers, is “in honour of the spiritual maternity inherent to the unique, feminine nature and vocation of women.”

Project Mothers’ Day will feature the popular writer and broadcaster, Colleen Hammond, a radio & television talk show host, comedienne, and mother and author of the book Dressing With Dignity. Hammond is a frequent speaker on the preservation of the family and feminine values. A review of her book says, “Gone are the days when women dressed with beauty and charm that accentuated their femininity.”

The review says, “Much of what passes for women’s fashions today appeals to the baser senses of men and women, making it increasingly difficult to maintain the respect that women deserve.”

Juliana Davis, co-founder of The Leaven and organizer of the Lincoln event, says that “secular sexuality vis a vis immodest fashions, contraception, and abortion make a mockery of women.”

“Though I always knew that immodest fashions were insulting, it wasn’t until I read Colleen’s book that I realized immodest fashions are tied to a multi-faceted affront to our sacred dignity,” Davis says.

Project Mother’s Day organizers say they hope the event will help empower women to petition area merchants to provide tasteful, modest fashions in keeping with women’s sacred dignity.

“I really hope other grassroots groups will follow suit to begin similar Mother’s Day initiatives,” says Davis

Hammond, who is becoming a one-woman crusader for feminine values, is collecting signatures for a petition to clothing manufacturers to make more tasteful and feminine clothes available through retail outlets. Hammond operates two blogs and a personal website to support her efforts.

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Dressing With Dignity

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