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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) was forced to remove images of babies killed by abortion during a National March for Life press conference on Canada’s Parliament Hill in Ottawa. 

As CLC was setting up for its Wednesday press conference to discuss Canadian political developments concerning the right to life, Parliament liaison officers told the group that they were not permitted to display photographs of aborted babies. 

“They were literally photographs of children killed by abortion, which we planned to show… towards the end of our press conference in order to put a human face to the acts of violence that the Trudeau Liberals euphemistically refer to as ‘choice,’” Jack Fonseca, Director of Political Operations for CLC, told LifeSiteNews.

“We’ve been told that according to the policies of the Hill, we cannot have graphic imagery on the Hill. So we cannot show the truth of what abortion looks like,” Pete Baklinski, CLC’s Director of Communication, told Rebel News.

Fonseca wondered if there truly is a written rule that prohibits the display of such images, or whether “it was just a raw act of censorship, an instinctive act to say we cannot allow pro-life freedom of speech.”

“Our Vice President, Matthew Wojciechowski, politely asked the officer if it was really necessary to remove the poster boards,” said Fonseca. “But when the officer insisted it was, Matthew immediately complied.”

The Liaison Officer also told the group they needed a permit to use a microphone on Parliament property, resulting in the conference’s lower audio quality, according to Fonseca. 

During the press conference, Fonseca not only decried Canada’s legalization of abortion, but of euthanasia, as well as the latter’s seemingly ever-increasing expansion.

He pointed out the “horror” of a Canadian veteran seeking PTSD treatment being offered assisted suicide instead by a Veterans Affairs worker, and of another veteran likewise being offered euthanasia after she requested a wheelchair ramp. According to Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre, at least “a half a dozen veterans now report that they have been advised that medical assistance in dying might be the best solution for them.”

“The problem is that once society accepts killing as a solution to human suffering, we will always find new categories of kill-able people,” Fonseca noted during the press conference.

Fonseca also pointed out that Justin Trudeau’s father, when he was Prime Minister, first legalized abortion in Canada in 1969 after “promising” it was “intended only for life-threatening pregnancies and rare cases, such as rape.”

He further noted that now, 100,000 abortions take place annually in Canada, “almost exclusively for reasons of convenience.”

Justin Trudeau is vehemently anti-life and pro-abortion. He oversees not only the taxpayer funding of abortions and euthanasia in Canada, but also of abortion in other countries, such as African nations.

On the day of CLC’s press conference, Trudeau tweeted: “We’re pro-choice. And that means we’ll always stand up for your right to choose – and stand up to Conservative politicians who want to take us backwards.”