By Steve Jalsevac
TORONTO, Ontario, October 5, 2007 ( – Many candidates for the Oct. 10 Ontario Provincial election have been very reluctant to provide voters with their position on the life issues or they have been responding as if those issues are now irrelevant and “settled”. Nevertheless, with enormous effort, Campaign Life Coalition, Ontario has been able to assemble an impressive amount of candidate information to assist pro-life voters to cast an informed vote on election day this coming Wednesday, Oct. 10.

  The CLC Ontario Election 2007 web page at contains links to the important candidate information database as well as to helpful articles on the issues and links to Elections Ontario and various party webpages.

  CLC stresses that although the Family Coalition Party is the only party with an officially pro-life, pro-family platform, there are also some genuinely pro-life candidates in other parties. This is especially noted in The Interim newspaper article “Good candidates can be found in Lib., PC parties” by Interim editor, Paul Tuns.

  The Family Coalition Party emphasizes that it requires all its candidates to agree with its pro-life and pro-family policies. Consequently, 56 of its 83 candidates considered the life issues a high enough priority to have eventually made the effort of responding to the CLC questionnaire that was sent to them. Almost all who responded answered completely pro-life. Some FCP candidates have made a notable effort to use their candidate status to actively and openly promote pro-life as by far their main issue in the riding. LifeSiteNews has reported on two of those – David MacDonald and John Pacheco

  FCP candidates are providing many Ontario voters with an ethical alternative and the opportunity to send a pro-life message by casting a vote for FCP in ridings where there is no other pro-life candidate. FCP candidates are also running in some ridings where there are pro-life candidates from the main parties.

  The CLC Ontario election page also addresses the proportional representation and education issues with articles from the CLC National News and The Interim newspaper.

  Campaign Life Coalition, along with other Canadian pro-life and pro-family organizations, is urging Canadians to vote against proportional representation.

  CLC also cautions Ontario’s religious voters about the significant dangers of the PC’s proposed religious education funding program while understanding that the other main parties are also not staunch defenders of religious freedom when it comes to life and family beliefs.

  Ultimately, CLC stresses, Ontario will only have a government that will implement pro-life measures when sufficient numbers of voters place the protection of human life as their number one voting priority. So far, the organization’s leaders have stressed, most social conservative minded Ontarians have not been doing so and sadly, even many of the province’s religious leaders clearly do not promote the life issues as the highest or one of the top issues for consideration by their flocks during elections.

  In the meantime, CLC urges Ontario pro-life voters to carefully review the information on its Election 2007 web page and to support and vote for those candidates who are pro-life, with a view to beginning the re-building a culture of life in Ontario.

  See the CLC Ontario Election 2007 page at