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Campaign Life Coalition presents pro-life analysis of candidates for April 19 Manitoba Provincial Election

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April 16, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s national pro-life political organization is urging Manitoba voters to place the rights of the unborn at the top of their list of priorities on provincial election voting day, Tuesday April 19. Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) reports that “To help pro-life voters know whom they should vote FOR...and who they should try to defeat,” it has “worked hard in every riding to try to identify the position of candidates on crucial life and family issues”.

In it Manitoba election report on its website, CLC reports that “Many candidates in the NDP, Liberal and Green parties were quite open with CLC, and proud of, their support for child-killing via abortion and of their opposition to parental rights in education. Therefore, we were able to rate them as "Pro-abortion" or "Anti-parental rights". “

The organization also notes that most Progressive Conservative Party and the Manitoba Party candidates have failed (or refused) to respond to their questionnaire and “Therefore, their position on life and family issues has been marked "unknown" on our Candidate Rating web pages, even though some of them may in fact, turn out to be supportable.”

CLC has been successful in identifying “fully pro-life” candidates in four of the ridings and they are named on its Manitoba election report page.

The information gathered to date on all the candidates is available, riding by riding, by clicking on the 57 individual riding names on CLC’s Compare Candidates page.

Jack Fonseca of CLC Canada released the following statement for pro-life Manitoba voters,

“We urge Manitobans to put the rights of preborn children on the ballot, by voting for a pro-life candidate, wherever possible.  If there is no identified pro-life candidate in your riding, it’s not too late to call up those who haven’t yet answered CLC’s questionnaire, or to ask when they knock on your door, where they stand on the right to life of unborn persons, on the killing of patients by doctors, and also on pro-family issues like parental rights in education vis-à-vis the radical sex-education programs that seem to be working their way across the country.”

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