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(LifeSiteNews) –– The director of political operations for Canada’s top pro-life group has taken issue with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) for not publicly denouncing pro-abortion, yet supposedly Catholic, Canadian Liberal MPs including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who have in recent weeks ramped up their pro-infanticide agenda in a very public manner.  

“Why the Bishops of Canada have not yet pronounced this fake Catholic’s (Trudeau’s) excommunication from the Church is beyond me,” Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) director of political operations Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. 

“Trudeau has already excommunicated himself, but the public pronouncement of it by the bishops is necessary.” 

Last Thursday, on the same day thousands of pro-life Canadians gathered in Ottawa for Canada’s 26th National March for Life, Trudeau went as far as to tweet out a pro-abortion message. 

“We’ll always protect a woman’s right to choose – and we’ll keep working to improve access to abortion services for everyone. Because our government is proudly pro-choice. And we always will be,” tweeted Trudeau.  

Also on Thursday, a large number of Liberal MPs released a video that championed abortion. One of the MPs, Brenda Shanahan, shockingly invoked her identity as a “Catholic” as a reason for supporting abortion, despite the Catholic Church’s unmovable condemnation of the procedure as a grave moral evil. 

Fonseca blasted Shanahan for her comments made on “the most important pro-life day of the year,” and then took a shot at Canada’s bishops.  

“Who is her Bishop? He needs to excommunicate her immediately!” he said in comments sent to LifeSiteNews. 

“And to instruct every priest in her area to deny her Holy Communion the next time she presents herself to receive the body and blood of our Lord unworthily.”  

Last week, on the eve of the March for Life, Trudeau pledged his government will fund millions of dollars more to pro-abortion initiatives.  

Fonseca likewise blasted this announcement as an insult to pro-life Canadians.  

“The fact that this funding announcement was made on the eve of the National March for Life demonstrates Justin Trudeau’s bitterness and animosity towards pro-life Canadians. He’s trying to rub his disrespect for the sanctity of human life in our faces, and to show us just how much he despises pro-life Canadians,” he told LifeSiteNews.  

The CCCB has in the past released statements surrounding abortion, notably condemning the federal government for approving the abortion pill, RU-486, and funding it overseas.  

Of note is that some Canadian bishops, such as Douglas Crosby, and Cardinal Thomas Collins, former Archbishop of Toronto, have spoken out against the Trudeau government’s promotion of abortion in public letters.  

Also, Canadian bishops have been vocal against Trudeau passing into law legal euthanasia in Canada.  

However, the CCCB has not made an overall public statement as a collective condemning the federal government’s pro-abortion agenda in recent years.  

LifeSiteNews contacted the CCCB via email asking them if the group would condemn Trudeau’s latest announcement of additional funding for abortions, as well as MPs who voice support for abortion but say they are Catholic.  

As of publication time, there has been no reply.   

CLC ‘suspicious’ of Trudeau’s increased abortion funding  

In total, the federal government’s recent announcement of more abortion funding will give “more than” $4.2 million in funding to the “Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Fund to the University of British Columbia (UBC) – Contraception and Abortion Research Team (CART) and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights for their projects.” 

Fonseca told LifeSiteNews that he is “suspicious” of how the funds will be spent.  

“I’m also very suspicious about how these tens of millions of dollars are being spent by these third-party organizations like Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights,” Fonseca observed. 

“We’ve seen how the Trudeau Foundation has been used as a political slush fund by the Chinese Communist party to influence Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy decisions. We’ve seen how other charities favoured by Trudeau like WE Charity, were used as slush funds to benefit his friends and family members.” 

Fonseca questioned whether the funds might be somehow linked to the next federal election. 

“Could it be that some of this current funding will be used for political purposes to help Liberal fortunes in the next election? I note that Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is very involved in federal elections and influencing how people vote, like here and here. Is this funding just a cover by Liberals to get around election financing laws? I have to wonder,” he noted.  

The 2023 federal budget of Trudeau’s Liberal government hasallocated $36 million to fund the promotion of abortion over three years starting in 2024 while at the same time including a statement blasting America’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last year. 

Unlike in the United States, abortion in Canada exists in a legal vacuum since being decriminalized. 

The 1988 Morgentaler decision saw the Supreme Court of Canada throw out the last remaining abortion law on the basis that it was unconstitutional. Since then, there exists no federal law regulating abortion, and thus the practice is permitted through all nine months of pregnancy. 

According to CLC’s website, abortion has killed over 4 million preborn babies in Canada since its legalization in 1969, which is roughly equivalent to the total population of the province of Alberta. 

As for the National March for Life, it was a resounding success, seeing thousands of Canadians march through the city of Ottawa to show their support for the right to life of unborn children and other vulnerable people.