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(LifeSiteNews) — Prominent Canadian pro-life and pro-family group Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) is continuing to urge residents of British Columbia to recall their premier, David Eby, over his New Democratic Party (NDP) government’s quietly passed Bill C-36, which places government appointees in charge of all healthcare professions in the province.

“There are only five days left to recall Premier David Eby. If you are a resident of the riding of Vancouver-Point Grey, this is your last chance to sign the recall petition. If you are not a resident, but know someone who might be, please get the word out today,” CLC campaigns manager David Cooke wrote in a blog on Wednesday.

“Premier Eby, together with Health Minister Adrian Dix, have devised an insidious scheme to take control of your healthcare, medical treatment options, and personal medical choices. You can tell them “NO!” by demanding a recall,” Cooke explained.

Outlining the concerns CLC has with Bill 36, Cooke explained that the new piece of legislation “creates sweeping changes that will politicize the entire provincial healthcare system.”

The following is a list of the changes Cooke highlighted as being the most dramatic:

  • The 15 existing independent medical Colleges will be restructured into 6 government-controlled boards.
  • New, unelected political appointees will head up these boards and dictate terms to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other healthcare professionals under them.
  • Because these new board leaders will be appointed by the NDP government, they will be beholden to David Eby and his political agenda. (It is safe to assume that these appointees will share the socialist NDP’s support for abortion, euthanasia, LGBT ideology, and the NDP’s demonstrable contempt for Christianity and free speech.)
  • The boards must begin disciplining healthcare workers for the newly created offence of “misinformation,” with fines up to $200,000 and possible imprisonment for up to six months.
  • What constitutes “misinformation” will be determined by the government and board leaders, according to whatever suits their political agenda.
  • A “woke agenda” will be imposed upon all healthcare professionals, requiring them to “take anti-discrimination measures.” This will force them to give priority to so-called “LGBT health care.”

Cooke then asserted that under “these radical changes” British Columbians can “expect conscientious healthcare professionals to be impacted the most.”

“If a doctor or nurse counsels a patient against abortion or euthanasia (so-called ‘medical assistance in dying’) – if he or she suggests that these “procedures” are actually forms of murder – that doctor or nurse might face discipline for providing “false or misleading information to patients or the public” (Section 70, Bill 36),” the CLC manager warned.

“If a surgeon refuses to perform elective mastectomies or hysterectomies on gender-confused women and girls but expresses the opinion that such procedures are butchery instead of health care, he or she could be accused of transphobic “discrimination” and be kicked out of the profession (Section 72, Bill 36),” he added.

While recalling politicians is uncommon in Canada, CLC explained earlier this month that there are provisions in the law that make it possible.

According to CLC, “Under B.C. law, an elected provincial representative may be recalled if 60% of the voters in his or her riding demand it. All they need to do is sign their names on a paper petition.”

“Such a petition has already been launched by local residents in the riding of David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey. If you are a resident, you can find out where to sign at this web site:,” the group explained.