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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop Trudeau’s ‘Online Harms Act’

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has warned that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s online harms bill targets pro-life advocacy and Canadians’ freedom of speech. 

During an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, CLC President Jeff Gunnarson revealed that while Trudeau claims that Bill C-63, the “Online Harms Act,” is to protect children from pornography, it is in fact a thinly veiled an attack on free speech.

“Canadians should be concerned with this overreaching bill,” Gunnarson warned. “Using typical Liberal tactics, they are trying to seduce the public with well-intended purposes (protecting children from online sexual abuse) and throwing in with it more power for the government to control our freedom of speech.”

Trudeau, who promotes graphic “sexual education” and LGBT indoctrination of children, “is attempting to virtue signal to Canadians he cares about the harm that comes from sexualizing children through online pornography,” Gunnarson said.

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“He is hoping voters will forgive and forget his love for abortion, oppression of freedoms, and various Marxist ideologies with respect to traditional human morals and natural law,” he explained.

Introduced in the House of Commons last week, Bill C-63 would create the Online Harms Act and modify existing laws, amending the criminal code as well as the Canadian Human Rights Act, in what the Liberals claim will target certain cases of internet content removal, notably those involving child sexual abuse and pornography, but also so-called “hate speech” and cyberbullying, among other things.

As part of the new bill, the Trudeau Liberals are looking to increase punishments for existing “hate” propaganda offenses in a substantial manner.

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A top constitutional lawyer warned LifeSiteNews that the legislation will allow a yet-to-be-formed digital safety commission to conduct “secret commission hearings” against those found to have violated the new law, raising “serious concerns for the freedom of expression” of Canadians online.

The proposed commission’s ombudsperson, along with the other offices, will be charged with dealing with public complaints regarding online content as well as putting forth a regulatory function in a five-person panel “appointed by the government.” This panel will be charged with monitoring internet platform behaviors to hold people “accountable.”

Most worryingly, the new bill will allow it so that anyone can file a complaint against another person with the Canadian Human Rights Commission for “posting hate speech online” that is deemed “discriminatory” against a wide range of so-called protected categories, notably gender, race, sexuality, or other areas.

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Penalties for violations of the proposed law include $20,000 fines and jail time.

Gunnarson said that the seemingly radical legislation may be a sign that Trudeau’s tyrannical rule in Canada is coming to an end.

“This bill may be a desperate measure from a politician who knows his time is up,” he stated. “He wrongly thinks a child protection bill will be his legacy. He would be so wrong to think that Canadians will forget his tyrannical style of leadership, oppression of freedoms, and numerous scandals.”

However, while Trudeau may be attempting convince Canadians that he cares about their children, Gunnarson warned that the new legislation would greatly restrict pro-life and pro-freedom Canadians.

“CLC and all freedom loving Canadians will be further oppressed to express our Christian and other faith-based views in the public square if this bill passes,” he said.

“Our [CLC’s] opposition to and communication against abortion and gender ideology and fight for traditional values in life and family would cause the ‘anti-hate police’ to threaten criminal sanctions against us and all pro-lifers, traditional family supporters, and Bible believing citizens who dare speak openly about our beliefs,” Gunnarson explained.

While Gunnarson acknowledged the necessity for legislation protecting children from online pornography, he noted that the proposed bill would impose massive restrictions on free speech that the left disagrees with.

“If passed, we would expect a newly formed government to immediately repeal this and replace it with a common sense bill to protect children from pornography and all related online sexual content,” he declared.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop Trudeau’s ‘Online Harms Act’