TORONTO, Ontario, October 6th, 2011 ( – Campaign Life Coalition has urged its 66,000 supporter families to vote for the pro-life candidate in their riding, but in a change of tack, they say that if there is no pro-life candidate, supporters should vote for Tim Hudak’s Tories.

“Vote against the pro-abortion Liberals and NDP. Try voting first for a known pro-life candidate. If none exists, we urge you to vote for the Progressive Conservative candidate,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC’s Ontario president, in a communication earlier this week to the 66,000 families on CLC’s Ontario supporter list.

Though Hudak has signaled that he would not change Ontario’s abortion status quo—government-funded abortion-on-demand—both Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and NDP leader Andrea Horwath “publicly and proudly” support abortion access, says CLC.

This week, the leaders of Ontario’s abortion movement called on Ontarians to vote for anybody but Hudak’s Tories, claiming a victory for his party “would put abortion rights in danger for women in Ontario.”

While Hudak has done nothing related to life and family since taking office in 1995, and insists he will adopt Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s stance of not re-opening the abortion debate, he told CLC in a 1995 questionnaire that he believed the government should promote the choice of life. 

In his 2009 campaign to lead the Tory party, his team identified him as pro-life, indicating that he had signed petitions calling for the defunding of abortion and conscience rights.

CLC, the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, is non-partisan and urges supporters to vote for the best pro-life candidate irrespective of party affiliation.

But in this campaign, they are urging supporters to back the Tories where no pro-life candidate exists because, they say, there is a special need right now to oust the reigning Liberal party.

They are highlighting the Liberals’ promotion of a homosexualist “equity” agenda and an explicit sex-ed program, which Liberal cabinet ministers have pledged to bring back after it was shelved in response to parental backlash in 2010.

“If McGuinty’s sex education agenda advances, it will predictably result in a greater number of abortions because it will have the effect of increasing sexual promiscuity amongst youth,” CLC explains.

Despite McGuinty’s open promotion of abortion access, CLC has identified three pro-life Liberal candidates: Joe Dickson (Ajax-Pickering); Lou Rinaldi (Northumberland-Quinte West); and Mario Sergio (York West).  In Dickson’s case, he is facing off against pro-life Tory Todd McCarthy.

The NDP is officially pro-abortion and no pro-life candidates have been identified.

For ratings of Ontario candidates based on pro-life and pro-family issues, visit Campaign Life Coalition’s website here.