CALGARY, Mar 3 (  The Canadian government has issued a 33 page report officially denying discrimination against stay-at-home parents. The report was produced to disprove allegations brought before the United Nations by a Canadian woman, Beverley Smith, seeking equity in the way the Canadian tax system treats stay-at-home parents.

Despite the federal government’s denial, material in the report suggests a discriminatory attitude towards single-income families. The report, obtained by the Canadian Press admits “single-earner families pay higher taxes than dual-earner ones.” Then, in an attempt to defend the favoured status of dual-income families in the tax code, the report states that “when costs such as day care are considered, two-income families have less after-tax disposable income.”

The report also made clear that it is government policy to push women out of their homes and into the work force. “New policies helping stay-at-home parents would reduce the incentive for paid work,” says the report. Equitable treatment of women regardless of the vocational choices they make is apparently not a Liberal principle today.

Source: The Canadian Press