MONTREAL, Feb 17 (LifeSiteNews) – On Wednesday of last week, the Canadian government’s Therapeutic Products Programme approved for sale, Plan B, an abortifacient post coital drug to rival Preven. Paladin Labs, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is a Canadian developer, marketer and distributor of pharmaceuticals currently offering products in urology, dermatology,  rheumatology and other specialty markets. In December 1999, Paladin acquired the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for Plan B(TM) from the Women’s Capital Corporation.

Paladin has indicated that it will commence a launch of the new abortifacient in the 2nd quarter of 2000. Paladin Labs has thus been added to the Canadian pro-life boycott of Roberts Pharmaceuticals.

LifeSite has compiled a list of Paladin’s specialty products. For warts, Paladin produces Canthacur and Wartec, for genital lesions it provides Podofilm or Histofreezer as an alternative to liquid nitrogen. Through its Statex brand name, Paladin is the leading manufacturer of immediate-release morphines in Canada. It’s urology products include UrispasT and pms-Yohimbine.

To contact Paladin Labs to express your concerns:
Jonathan Goodman,  President
Paladin Labs Inc. 
6111 Royalmount Ave. 
Montreal, Quebec
H4P 2T4

Canada Tel: (514) 340-1112
Fax: (514) 344-4675 [email protected]

See their products on line here.