OTTAWA, Mar 26 ( – Secretary of State for the Status of Women, Hedy Fry was quoted in the country’s leading homosexual newspaper Xtra! yesterday as saying that Canada is the foremost supporter of homosexuality at the UN. The dubious status was revealed as Fry was attempting to explain to radical feminists from the National Action Committee on the Status of Women why “sexual orientation” was left out of the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against women.

Despite the best efforts of the Canadian delegation to insert the term “sexual orientation”  into the UN document, the “vast majority of countries” were against the proposal and thus the term was left out. Responding to complaints Fry said, “All I can tell you is that Canada went to the wall onthis issue, and it’s the only country that goes to the wall on this issue every single time.”

The clause in the convention under dispute listed grounds for protection from discrimination in health care based on criteria of race, class and ethnicity and “women with other status.”  Fry noted that while unsuccessful in having the term “sexual orientation” used, “where they listed ‘and others,’ there was a huge asterisk that said Canada takes ‘others’ to mean ‘sexual orientation.’”

Source: Xtra! Mar 25, 1999 p.14