NEW YORK, Aug. 6 ( – In it’s Friday Fax of Aug. 6 the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute reports on an alarming proposal by the Canadian government at the current preparatory commission for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

CFHRI states that “Canada proposed that the ICC revoke the centuries-old legal tradition that a Catholic priest may not be compelled to reveal what he hears in the confessional. This revocation would apply to the private religious counselling of all faiths”.

Canadian delegations have taken a world leadership position in proposing and pushing through the most radical concepts at recent U.N conferences. These proposals are rarely discussed beforehand in the Canadian Parliament. Most Canadians, including Members of Parliament, are not aware of of their delegations’ intense efforts to create a new, highly authoritarian and very radical world order which would override the sovereignty and cultures of the world’s nations.

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