Canada Public Broadcaster Caught Airing Perverse Teen Sex Episodes

By Terry Vanderheyden and John-Henry Westen

OTTAWA, February 6, 2006 ( –“Naked Guy,”“Dog Balls,” and “Ball Waxing,” are archived sample clips of sexual programming available from Canada’s publicly-funded broadcaster, the CBC.Â

A CBC television program called Nerve, which formerly aired after school at 5:30pm Mondays, is described by blogger Joel Johannesen as a means to promote as normal such things as transsexualism, homosexual lifestyles, sado-masochism, same-sex “marriage” and a pre-occupation with anything sexual.

On line archives of the show highlight some of the bizarre examples of the former program.Â

Two shows in particular are sexualÂkinkiness involving what Johannesen estimates are teen males. One is a video of a young teenager going to a wax parlour to have his testes waxed, the other films a young man stripping completely nude in a parking lot. In the first instance, the entire waxing procedure of the sexual organ, Johannesen states, “is captured by the astute CBC cameraman who is employed by the state with your tax dollars.”

Johannesen points out that the CBC’s Nerve program and its web site is a publicly-funded effort. “I was surprised that this web site was actually part of the liberals’ prized CBC which we all pay for. It and all its contents was bought and paid for and presented by – not some perverted, depraved socialist, and not some adult-only pay-per-view business – but by YOU. Yes, you. Pat yourself on the back.”

“The state-run CBC presents these videos—taken from their TV show, shown free of charge to our kids,” Johannesen adds. “It is in fact a whole program designed to appeal to our nations’ teens, specifically.”

Click here for a description of some of the perverse programs created by CBC for Nerve:

Johannesen asks, “Did you know you bought this and that this is what our CBC is up to?”

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