NEW YORK, November 6, 2001 ( – The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly which addresses “Social, Humanitarian, Cultural” concerns has, in recent weeks heard the US and Canada take opposite approaches to abortion promotion in UN documents.

According to a UN report, on November 1, the US representative to the Committee clarified that the US “Government understood that the term ‘reproductive health services’ did not endorse or support abortion services.” During debates over the UN Special Children’s Summit a member of the Canadian delegation revealed that the term “reproductive health services” includes abortion. Last month Costa Rica expressed reservations similar to that of the United States regarding the terminology.

Canada however, has acted like a spoiled and unrepentant child at the UN. On Oct 24, Canadian delegate Gilbert Laurin defiantly endorsed “reproductive health services” with such vigour as to suggest scorn. “To effectively address these and other problems, he said there had to be a promotion and protection of the reproductive rights of women, men, girls and boys, including by ensuring their access to sexual and reproductive health information, care and services,” Laurin is quoted as saying in a UN report of the proceedings.

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