OTTAWA, Aug 19 ( – This morning the federal government released on the Internet “Canada’s National Response to the UN Questionnaire on Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.” The document answers the UN questionnaire sent out in preparation for the June 2000 General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) special session to review and assess progress achieved in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action (PFA). This is a 5-year review,  looking back to the Beijing Conference that took place in 1994. The questionnaire’s purpose was to identify and assess regional and international trends and best practices in implementing the PFA.

True to the abortion pushing tenants of the UN Women’s Convention, the document is replete with references to Canada’s national and international pressure for “reproductive health”  which includes abortion. The document also traces another interesting outcome of the so-called “Women’s Conference”: one of only three “key advances in the area of women’s human rights,” says Canada, is “the addition, in 1996, of sexual orientation as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

See the full 90 page Canadian document.