Canada Seen as Model for Homosexual Activists Worldwide

Fri Oct 17, 2003 - 12:15 pm EST

PHILADELPHIA, October 17, 2003 ( - Homosexual activist Canadian politicians - federal MP Svend Robinson, Ontario MPP George Smitherman and Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray - will be featured guests at an international homosexual activist conference this Spring in Philadelphia. The ‘Equality Forum’, is featuring Canada this year as a model country for homosexual activism.  The executive director of the international forum, Malcolm Lazin, said of selecting Canada, “It was an easy choice, Canada is really a leader when it comes to gay and lesbian civil rights.”  Two of the homosexual activists who were part of the organized campaign of court challenges to Canada’s marriage law will also be speaking at the April 26- May 2 event.  Toronto residents Joe Varnell and Kevin Bourassa, who were legally ‘married’ under Ontario’s court-imposed legalization of homosexual ‘marriage’, will be encouraging their strategy to be adopted worldwide.  Already in the U.S. homosexual activists have copied the Canadian marriage challenge strategy, and one state court, Arizona’s, has ruled on the case. The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled October 8 that “recognizing a right to marry someone of the same sex would not expand the established right to marry, but would redefine the legal meaning of ‘marriage’.”  However with courts in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and several other states hearing similar cases, pro-family advocates in the United States are urged to maintain vigilance.  The original court ruling in Canada on the homosexual ‘marriage’ challenges also ruled in favour of traditional marriage.  See the Reuters coverage:

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