JAVA, Indonesia, Jan 10 ( – Indonesia, one of 13 countries targeted specifically for population control by the notorious NSSM 200 document (outlining US foreign policy on depopulating the Third World), has been a recipient of $3 million from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). According to a report filed by the agency, a “family planning support project” from 1998-2000, which targeted three Indonesian cities, was involved in abortion under the umbrella of its “safe motherhood project”.

The “family planning” project is said to “provide oral contraceptive pills to Indonesia from Canadian and Indonesian manufacturers,” with “at least 10 million cycles of quality oral contraceptives supplied.” The population control motive behind the measure is plainly stated in the “expected outcomes” section of the report, which identifies one goal as the “maintenance of current rates of population growth in Indonesia.” 

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