OTTAWA, July 10, 2001 ( – Canada has put two million dollars into a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) campaign targeting Guatemala for chemical abortion advocacy. The five-year project, according to CIDA, aims for “Increased demand, supply, access and quality of reproductive health services, including contraceptives, in Guatemala.” Moreover the plan aims to promote a change in law advocating population control. The CIDA document lists as one of its components for support: “advocacy for a law on population and development.”

Mercedes Wilson, formerly the official delegate of Guatemala to the United Nations, told LifeSite “it is horrible that Canadian taxpayers are going to pay for something that will do so much harm to our country.”

Mrs. Wilson said that UNFPA’s activities in the largely Catholic country are to promote abortifacient birth control pills (such as morning after pills) and to advocate for the decriminalization of abortion. Wilson noted, “in the poor countries we don’t have the hospitals or facilities to deal with the complications of these abortifacients.”

The CIDA release notes that the “UNFPA will work in partnership with the Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries to address the key constraints that have prevented the Health Ministry from meeting the large unmet demand for reproductive health services.” Wilson noted that the new government in Guatemala led by President Tortillo is destroying the Guatemalan culture. Wilson called it the “most corrupt government Guatemala has ever had.”

Referring to the population control component of the UNFPA plan, Wilson said “the West has taken everything away from poor countries. The last thing we have left is our children and our faith. The West is taking away our faith and now our children – our means of social security.”

See the CIDA release on the UNFPA Guatemala project: