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CANADA (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian federal government under Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that starting in October Canada will be mandating COVID-19 jabs as a requirement to travel domestically by air, train, or boat.

“As soon as possible in the fall and no later than the end of October, the government of Canada will require employees in the federally regulated air, rail and marine transportation sectors to be vaccinated. In addition the vaccination requirement will also extend to certain travelers. This includes all commercial air travelers, passengers on interprovincial trains and passengers on large marine vessels with overnight accommodations such as cruise ships,” Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said Friday.

Alghabra said in addition to mandating COVID-19 jabs for domestic travel for Canadians, all federal workers will be required to be jabbed by October as well.

“Today, we are announcing that the government of Canada intends to require vaccinations across the federal public service. Following this example, we also expect that crown corporations and other employers in the federally regulated sector will also require vaccination for their employees,” said Alghabra.

Alghabra said that vaccine requirements in the transportation sector will help “protect the safety of employees, their families, passengers, their communities and all Canadians.”

Alghabra claimed that for the “few” who “are unable to be vaccinated,” there will be “accommodation or alternative measures such as testing and screening” which “may be determined in each situation to protect broader public health by reducing the risk of COVID-19.”

LifeSiteNews contacted Transport Canada for comment about Friday’s news, asking what types of exceptions will be made if any.

Simon Rivet, Manager, Media Relations, Communications Group for Transport Canada told LifeSiteNews via email Friday that COVID-19 jabs will be mandated for all “commercial air travelers” and that this would be “regardless of destination” because “the Government of Canada must play a role in setting a good example.”

He said that COVID-19 jabs will be mandatory by “the end of September across the federal public service,” as well.

“Children under 12, who are currently not eligible to be vaccinated, will be exempted from this requirement,” said Rivet.

The news comes only a day after media reports surfaced that Trudeau is planning on calling a Canadian federal election for September 20.

Trudeau said in June that in the fall the federal government will be rolling out a system of “national certification of vaccination status” that travelers can use to prove they’ve had the “full” two doses of the COVID-19 jab.

All travelers entering Canada are now subject to a new border screening program that uses biometrics. Travelers coming to Canada from the U.S who wish to be exempt from mandatory quarantine are required to be fully jabbed with COVID-19 injections.

Lawyer – This is what a ‘totalitarian society looks like’

News of mandating a COVID-19 jab for domestic travel came with fierce pushback from Canadian freedom rights lawyers Friday.

Interim President for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) Lisa Bildy told LifeSiteNews that the announcement from the “increasingly aggressive Trudeau regime regarding vaccine passports and travel” is something that is “deeply concerning” and will create a segregated of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“The full implications of widespread vaccine mandates are not yet known, but this much is certain, it will divide society. Those persons who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated for COVID-19, as is their right, will be segregated and denied a normal existence,” said Bildy.

“They will be vilified in the media and by government, ostracized by society, and ultimately persecuted. Those who defend them will be censored, silenced, and punished.”

Bildy added that Friday’s news of an interprovincial travel ban for the non-vaccinated is what a “totalitarian society looks like.”

“Restriction of information (Bill C-36 for example), restrictions on the right to travel and cross regional boundaries, and segregation and persecution of dissenters. Canadians must not allow themselves to be lulled to sleep by the soothing tones of politicians intent on robbing them of their civil liberties,” Bildy told LifeSiteNews.

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP David Yurdiga, whose riding is in Alberta, said that making a COVID-19 jab mandatory is “another example of the Liberals using severe government overreach for political gain,” and that forcing a jab is “tyrannical.”

This comes in contrast to pro-abortion CPC leader MP Erin O’Toole, who said recently that all Canadians should get COVID-19 injections.

O’Toole then said Friday that his party “supports” Canadians rights to “determine their own health choices,” after news broke of the new COVID-19 jab travel rules.

“We are in a crisis and Canadians expect reasonable measures, such as rapid testing for those who are not vaccinated, to protect Canadians, especially the most vulnerable,” said O’Toole.

Canadian civil liberties lawyer James Kitchen told LifeSiteNews that making COVID-19 jabs a condition to travel within Canada is “deeply” concerning and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was put in place to prevent such overreach.

“This is what civil liberties advocates like me were deeply concerned about even in the spring of 2020 when lockdown policies were first imposed. Any student of history with both eyes open could have seen then that mandatory vaccinations were coming,” said Kitchen.

“But few listened and governments emphatically said they would never coerce people to be jabbed and anyone who said otherwise were called ‘conspiracy theorists.’ The Charter was put in place to prevent precisely this type of tyranny and oppression – the type where the state will not let you work or travel unless you sacrifice your bodily autonomy and expose yourself to unnecessary risk of harm.”

Independent MP Derek Sloan blasted Friday’s domestic travel COVID-19 jab mandate.

“Here it comes. The Trudeau government ushers in a new age of segregation and medical apartheid in Canada. This makes no scientific sense at all, and tramples the Charter rights of Canadians. It’s unacceptable and must be rejected,” wrote Sloan on Twitter Friday.

Health Canada has authorized four COVID-19 injections for adults, all with connections to cells derived from aborted babies. All four have also been associated with severe side effects such as blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and even heart attacks in young healthy men.

Currently, both Manitoba and Quebec have forms of vaccine proof one can attain in digital form.

The government of Quebec recently said that it will go ahead with enforcing vaccine passports come the fall.

Recently, two provincial premiers have come out against COVID-19 vaccine passports, Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Ontario’s Doug Ford.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney recently said that his government will neither introduce a provincial “vaccine passport” nor accept one if imposed at the federal level. He has also passed a bill that removed a mandatory vaccination clause in provincial law.

The Ontario government under Ford recently said that mandating that students and staff have COVID injections before being allowed to return to class and that schoolchildren will not be segregated based on their vaccine status.

Ford has been a strong advocate for COVID-19 injections but has also rejected the idea of vaccine passports. In July he told reporters his government will neither make COVID-19 injections mandatory nor create “a split society” by implementing local vaccine passports.

Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe of Lytton, British Columbia, however, recently stated that he has seen blood clotting in the majority of his patients who have had COVID-19 jabs, and has warned of potential “permanent” damage caused to organs that cannot regenerate, adding that in his opinion “the worst is yet to come.”

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