Geneva, June 12, 2003 ( – On June 10, in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child heard a presentation from REAL Women of Canada, an NGO with consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.  REAL Women opposes what it sees as misleading homosexual campaigns being carried out in Canada, particularly in Quebec, Ontario and BC schools, and the adoption of children by homosexuals.

The Working Group Committee, associated with the High Commission for Human Rights meeting in Geneva, invited REAL Women to explain why the spirit of several articles of the Convention related to the UN Rights of the Child are not respected by Canada in regard to these issues.

Misleading Campaigns In Schools

The Convention on the Rights of the Child dictates that the interests of children must be the primary consideration for all governmental decisions. Governments, under the Convention, are also held responsible for protecting children from information harmful to their well being.  Some Canadian schools, however, are encouraging school children to believe in unproven theories and invalid statistical studies on homosexuality.  For example, in Quebec, the homosexual organization, Gai Ecoute, urges children to believe that 10% among them are homosexual for life, and states in its pamphlets and posters that homosexuality “is not catching, does not change, is like skin color..” Children are not informed that thousands of American, European and Asian ex-gays prove the contrary.  There are many married and new parents who have acknowledged that their homosexual past was the result of false information or homosexual relations at a young age encouraged by activists.

The powerful homosexual lobby claims that homosexuality constitutes a healthy alternative to heterosexuality.  Experts demonstrate, however, that many psychological troubles, illnesses and specific sexually transmitted diseases afflict this sexual minority.  It is documented that almost one third of boys who adopt the homosexual lifestyle will be HIV positive or dead before the age of 30.  They have the life span of a Canadian living in 1871.  There is only 1% – 3% of the population which is homosexual, and a vast majority of AIDS sufferers in Canada are homosexual.  The publisher and managing editor of the homosexual newspaper, Capital Xtra, in an article published in the September 27, 2002 issue, confirms that the homosexual lifestyle is much less healthy than that of straight men.  The tragic health problems associated with the homosexual lifestyle were also acknowledged in an article in the March 2003 issue of the homosexual magazine, TO BE.

Homosexual Parenting

The UN Declaration on Human Rights notes that a family consists of a man and a woman.  This position also forms a part of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The UN Convention on the Child recognizes, along with almost all of humanity, that the traditional family constitutes the fundamental unit of society and the natural environment in which children thrive best.  The Committee was thus asked to insist that Canada (state party to the Convention) adhere to the Convention that the fundamental right of all children to a mother and a father, be respected.  A 1996 Statistics Canada longitudinal study, disclosed that children thrive best in an environment consisting of their biological mother and father.  Children who do not have this advantage are far more likely to experience out-of-wedlock pregnancy, poor school performance, early school drop-out and difficulties with the law, etc.  Children have the right to the best chance in life.

A World First

The discussion of a country’s problem with homosexual pressure is a first for the UN Committee.  Since its members are mandated to ensure that the Convention is respected, the Committee was urged by REAL Women to consult with experts able to counter the false theories of activists and homosexuals, and also able to explain invalid statistics used by some fifty American studies favorable to homosexual parenting.  Studies that expose the problems with homosexual/lesbian parenting are being ignored in Canada, the UN Committee was advised.

The Canadian government will be asked to address these issues, among others, when it submits its official report to the Committee in Geneva in September 2003.