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February 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In today’s episode of The Van Maren Show, speaker Collette Aikema joins Jonathon to discuss the proposed ban on therapy for unwanted sexual attractions in Canada, and just how far this ban could reach.

Aikema is a speaker on sexuality and apologetics for Faith Beyond Belief, an apostolate dedicated to equipping ‘ambassadors for Christ.’ Aikema also shared her personal testimony before the Canadian Justice Committee about how sexuality counseling for a pornography addiction saved her marriage. That type of counseling would be outlawed by the proposed bill.

Van Maren and Aikema discuss the importance of conversion therapy, Christian counseling, and other counseling that would effectively be banned by this bill. Aikema points out that this bill could jeopardize a pastor’s ability to counsel and shepherd his flock as it pertains to sexuality.

The bill would force Christian counselors, pastors, and others to either go against their beliefs about sexuality, or to completely change professions.

“So this is really important for the Christian community to understand — that if you believe that the Bible gives freedom to people who are identifying different ways in terms of their gender or their sexuality and ways that are not in line with scripture, then you need to be very, very, very concerned about this legislation because it will directly make it illegal for us to say … that is not what Scripture says. God calls us to much better, to much more,” Aikema tells listeners.

Aikema sees this bill as a great time for Christians to become activated and speak out against the attacks on the Christian faith.

Van Maren also encourages listeners to pay attention to the countless bills that are being passed by governments under the guise of COVID relief or COVID protection.

It is “the perfect time to pass legislation like this is during a time when everybody is so distracted that we’re missing the opportunity to speak to the culture on this issue,” Van Maren tells listeners.