Steve Jalsevac


Canada’s Conservatives win solid majority; Liberals and Bloc devastated by NDP

Steve Jalsevac

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 ( - Canada’s federal election has resulted in astonishing, historical changes to the nation’s political landscape. The Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with 166 seats, has clearly won the solid majority that it missed in the past two elections. The bigger news however, is that the NDP won 103 seats to, for the first time ever, become the official opposition with the Liberals wining only 35 seats and the Bloc Quebecois smashed into non-party status with only 4 seats.

The Conservative/socialist NDP polarization in the House of Commons will be a new era in Canadian politics in which the governing party and opposition hold radically different views on practically every issue.

Another historic development is the election of Green Party leader Elizabeth May who defeated Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn to become the first ever Green Party candidate elected to Parliament.

The strong Conservative majority should bode well for the issues of life and family, depending however on how much democratic freedom Harper will allow his caucus members. NDP leader Jack Layton, despite his historically massive win, may experience the frustration of no longer being able to achieve as much as when he held the balance of power in the last parliament.


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