By Hilary White

OTTAWA, October 26, 2006 ( – In a memorandum, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), has announced that it is actively supporting the recently passed law re-defining marriage to include same-sex couples. The memorandum is signed by Ed Cashman and Robyn Benson of PSAC’s Human Rights Program.

The union’s memo, dated yesterday, claimed that the law, passed just before the collapse of the corrupt Liberal government and the resulting federal election, “confirms that same-sex couples are equal in value and equal in law.”

“Any move to re-define civil marriage to exclude same-sex couples will deprive them of this right and runs contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

The union is lobbying the federal government to leave the law in place in light of the upcoming “free” vote on revisiting the issue that has been promised by Prime Minister Harper. PSAC is encouraging its members to “strategically target” undecided MP’s who could swing the vote.

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition said the idea that the law makes homosexual partners “equal in value” is “nonsense.”

“This has nothing to do with a person’s personal value,” Hughes told “It is about the nature of the family. Of marriage. The traditional family is the foundation of the society that pays PSAC’s salaries.”

When asked if this view is representative of most of the membership, Hughes, who lobbies regularly in Ottawa, said, “The rank and file don’t agree with them. I’ve talked to all kinds of them all over the place and it’s only the people in leadership that espouse those views.”

The memo gives detailed instructions on lobbying and asks that members send MP’s the message: “You either support human rights or you do not.”