OTTAWA, Feb 4 ( – The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has been exposed as a partisan organization, which squanders much of the billions of tax-payer dollars it receives on anything but humanitarian aid. In an incisive piece of investigative journalism,  Celeste McGovern exposes the government behemoth in the Jan 25th edition of Alberta Report.

While most of the money from CIDA is supposed to go to the Third World’s poor, only a third of it is spent on what the agency calls “basic human needs,” and less than 5% on emergency humanitarian efforts. Millions are spent at fancy and expensive conferences mostly pushing population control, feminism, radical environmentalism and socialism.

Despite China’s horrific human-rights record including its forced abortion policy it has received more than $2 billion in aid since 1981 and has been among CIDA’s top three beneficiaries since 1990. CIDA subjects women to appalling abuse, underwriting birth control and abortion campaigns that Canadian women would never tolerate.

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See a LifeSite report on CIDA support for abortion abroad.

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