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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s Public Health Agency (PHAC), which was blasted in an audit for extreme mismanagement during COVID, decided to give its employees medals for their “pandemic relief efforts” on the taxpayers’ dime.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, PHAC will present each employee with a pandemic “hero’s medallion” that includes a velvet box to memorialize “their commitments towards pandemic relief efforts.”

This despite the fact the agency is headed by the Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos, who was partly responsible for enacting discriminatory COVID travel vaccine and workplace mandates.

In a notice titled Covid Coins, PHAC said that it wants to “recognize all employees,” and will order about 5,000 medallions. The agency has close to 5,000 employees.

According to PHAC, the medallions are “special Covid-19 theme designed coin in a velvet presentation box.”

In total, some $100,000 is to be spent on the special COVID coins for workers.

As noted by Blacklock’s Reporter, PHAC gave out bonuses last year to 99 percent of its executives. Last year alone, some $1,453,000 in bonuses was paid to 78 executives and senior employees.

Conservative Party of Canada MP Kelly McCauley, who requested the information on the bonuses, said, “These are very expensive participation ribbons.”

Blacklock’s Reporter noted that PHAC was censured for pandemic mismanagement, which they wrote included, “landfilling medical supplies, granting security clearance to suspected Chinese spies at its National Microbiology Lab, issuing contradictory Covid advice and misleading Parliament on its state of preparedness.”

According to a 2021 internal audit of PHAC, the agency was called out for its “limited public health expertise” along with “confusion.”

“Auditors found management was so disorganized it sent most employees home in the first days of the pandemic,” Blacklock’s Reporter noted.

To make matters worse, PHAC saw a revolving door of presidents, having no less than three in 13 months.

One appointee, Iain Stewart, was the first federal employee to be censured since 1891.

He was, as Blacklock’s Reporter noted, “shamed after he refused to release records on the firing of Chinese scientists following an RCMP raid on the Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg.”

In 2020, LifeSiteNews reported how an award-winning Chinese scientist who was expelled from Canada’s Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg did send several vials containing dangerous viruses from the lab to China in 2019.

PHAC has also been a strong promoter of the experimental COVID vaccines, which have been linked to being a driver for a multitude of health issues, some even fatal.

Last month, Duclos said that COVID shots will be needed every “nine months” moving forward.

Also serving as management for PHAC is Canadian Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, who in June said that the COVID “pandemic” is far from over, and warned of a “seventh wave.”

PHAC last month admitted that the data was not there to continue with COVID vaccine mandates.