By Gudrun Schultz

Avi LewisTORONTO, Ontario, September 18, 2006 ( – A documentary condemning all adherents of God-centered religion as “would-be murderers”, including Jews, Christians and Muslims, is being promoted by Canada’s national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Showcased by CBC Newsworld’s The Big Picture with host Avi Lewis, The God Delusion is a radical condemnation of God-centered religion. Scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins, a man the CBC refers to as “the UK’s best-known atheist,” who holds a chair in the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, accuses Judaism, Christianity and Islam of plotting to destroy “civilized” science-based society.

“There are would-be murderers all round the world who want to kill you and me, and themselves, because they’re motivated by what they think is the highest ideal,” Dawkins says at the beginning of his documentary.

“The suicide bomber is convinced that in killing for his God, he will be fast-tracked to a special martyr’s heaven. This isn’t just a problem of Islam. In this program, I want to examine that dangerous thing that is common to Judaism and Christianity as well, that process of non-thinking called ‘faith.’”

To a background of film clips interspersing violence, car burnings and religious ceremonies, Dawkins warns of the “danger” posed by religious faith to science and rational thought, saying, “the 21century should be an age of reason, but irrational militant faith is back on the march.

“The time has come for people of reason to say “enough is enough.” Religious faith discourages independent thought, it’s divisive and it’s dangerous.”

Host Avi Lewis questions the intensity of Dawkins’ anti-religious fervor, acknowledging a “fundamentalist” totality in Dawkins’ rejection of religion.

“[A]s Dawkins categorically dismisses all people of faith (including moderates) as dangerous dupes, you’re tempted to ask whether he himself is demonstrating a certainty that borders on fundamentalism – whether his unshakeable faith in science is just as fixed as the beliefs of those he condemns.”

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