OTTAWA, November 25, 2004 ( – In its December CLC National News, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) analyzes the recent U.S. election and the clear lessons it says that election result has for Canada’s political leaders who are “stubbornly entrenched in their self-defeating and socially destructive positions” regarding moral issues.  CLC states that “President Bush demonstrated that a platform of life, family, faith and freedom is not only viable but spectacularly attractive”. A big part of this success, says the pro-life organization, was because of his “reaching out to previously disenfranchised pro-life and pro-family voters who previously had little incentive to make an effort to actually vote”.  The pro-life organization’s leader, Jim Hughes, warns that “Canadian politicians should heed this lesson. While standing up for life and family might turn off some narrow-minded voters, it will bring many hundreds of thousands of new voters out as they finally discover candidates who proudly share their views or at least who appear to be genuinely principled politicians”.  Hughes concludes that the U.S. experience soundly proves that “If given the chance, many Canadians would reward a candidate, leader or party committed to a clear defense of traditional values”.  See the complete analysis and full December CLC National News at   sj