Canada’s National Shrine Pulls Plug on Location of National Pro-Life Conference Due to Threats

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  Montreal Evangelical Church Welcomes Canadian National Pro-Life Conference with Open Arms

By John-Henry Westen

MONTREAL, November 16, 2005 ( - One day prior to the opening of the Canadian National Pro-Life Conference the religious priests who are in charge of Canada’s national Catholic shrine, St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, have reneged on the contracted use of their facilities for the conference due to threats received from ‘pro-choice’ and homosexual activists. The decision is not based on police inability to offer adequate protection, according to police officials. Organizers of the conference are scrambling to find another location at such short notice.

Despite the pleas of pro-life leaders to reverse the decision in several meetings today, Father Jean-Pierre Aumont, the rector of the Oratory,Âwas unmoveable in his decision. The Holy Cross Fathers are the religious Order which tends to the Oratory, and Fr. Aumont is a member of the Order.

The news comes as a shock of monumental proportions to the pro-life movement. Even now, conference speakers and hundreds of attendees are en route to Montreal by plane, train and automobile, with hotel rooms and flights booked and paid for. Many of the hopeful participants have saved all year in order to be able to attend the conference.

The conference, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition and Life Canada, is to be hosted by Montreal-based Campagne Quebec Vie (Campaign Life Quebec).Â

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada told, “This decision to cancel the contract at this last minute is a great capitulation on the part of the Catholic church in the face of opposition to its pro-life, pro-family teaching.”

Luc Gagnon, President of Campagne Quebec Vie wondered how the already cash-strapped pro-life movement in Canada would be able to sustain the loss of tens of thousands which the last-minute cancellation of venue would incur.

While there has been a movement to oppose the pro-life conference by ‘pro-choice’ and homosexual activists, Montreal police Detective Sergeant Judy Poulin told that Montreal police did not tell the Oratory to cancel the conference. She noted that the police could offer “adequate protection” but, “it was the decision of the Oratory to cancel the conference.”

To express your concnerns:

Phone, fax or email the Rector of the oratory who was responsible for the decision to cancel the conference:
  Father Jean-Pierre Aumont, csc at:
  -phone (514)733-8211 or 1-877-672-8647; fax (514)733-9735; email: [email protected]

Phone, fax, or email the archbishop of Montreal - Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte at
  -phone (514)931-7311; fax (514) 931-3432 (the names of the auxiliary Bishops are Bishop Anthony Mancini and Bishop Jude Saint-Antoine). email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone, fax or email the Congregation of the Holy Cross Fathers in Rome at:
  - phone 011 39 06 612 96 210; fax 011 39 06 614 75 47

Phone, fax or email the Congregation of the Holy Cross Fathers in Montreal: phone (514) 731-7828; fax (514) 731-7820; email: [email protected]

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