TORONTO, Jan 31 (LifeSiteNews) – Christian columnist, Marianne Meed Ward, has written an important article in today’s Toronto Sun about the way abortion activists may try to stifle further public debate over abortion. Her article, entitled, “Meet abortion’s new poster boys,” warns readers that convicted woman-abuser, Jean-Guy Tremblay, and suspected abortionist killer,  James Kopp, are convenient weapons for pro-abort forces to trot out every time pro-lifers seek to raise objections to abortion. Tremblay, former boyfriend of Chantale Daigle, tried to prevent her from procuring an abortion in 1989 in a case that went to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“With these two guys making headlines, it will be hard to have a sensible conversation about abortion,” says Meed Ward. “But such a conversation is desperately needed,” she adds. “It’s long past time to restrict the whys and the whens of abortion. But if any government tries,  you can be sure our two poster boys will be trotted out to justify leaving things as they are.”