Canada’s PM Won’t Try Again on Marriage and has No Plan to Protect Religious Freedom

By John-Henry Westen
  OTTAWA, December 8, 2006 ( - Prime Minister Stephen Harper reacted to the vote in the House of Commons on the marriage issue yesterday saying: “The result was decisive and obviously we will accept the democratic result of the people’s representatives.”

  Groups supporting the traditional definition of the family unanimously rejected the notion that the vote was decisive on marriage since the wording of the motion required acceptance of same-sex ‘marriages’ already performed. 

  Harper was also asked by a reporter: “So it is over now? If you got a majority government, would you reopen the question?”  Responding, the Prime Minister said: “I don’t see reopening this question in the future.”

  He was also asked if he saw the need for a defence of religions act, to which he replied: “The government has no plans in that regard.  As I just said, if there ever were a time in the future where fundamental freedoms were threatened, of course the government would respond to protect them.  The government has no plans at this time.”

  Harper’s statement contradicts what he said about the law to legalize homosexual ‘marriage’ during the Commons debate over the legislation last year where he called current legal protection for religion “laughable” and vowed to attempt to amend the bill to include religious protection. 

“The so-called protection that the government has offered for even basic religious freedom is, frankly, laughably inadequate,” said then Opposition Leader Harper on February 16, 2005.  In the memorable speech in the House of Commons in response to the introduction of the same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill C-38., he added, “It is totally dishonest to suggest that it provides real protection.”

  In that speech Harper enumerated many of the threats to religious freedom that would ensue from the homosexual ‘marriage’ legislation if passed.  Already his predictions have been realized as marriage commissioners have been forced either to perform homosexual ‘marriages’ or resign.  A Knights of Columbus hall was sued after it refused to host a homosexual ‘wedding’.  And school curricula at all levels are being altered to ensure the indoctrination of children in the ‘equality’ of homosexual ‘marriages’ and the legitimacy of homosexuality.

  At the time, Harper promised, “Should the bill survive second reading, we will propose amendments in areas like these to ensure that in all areas subject to federal jurisdiction nobody will be discriminated against on the basis of their religious beliefs or practices regarding marriage.”

  In September, Campaign Life Coalition asked the Prime Minister to honour those promises to protect religious freedom should the effort to restore traditional marriage fail.  The Conservatives floated a ‘trial balloon’ Protection of Religions Act, but it apparently did not receive the press they desired.

  In the wake of yesterday’s vote in the House not to reopen the marriage debate, more groups are demanding the safeguarding of religious freedom, and freedom of speech.

“Now, more than ever, core conservatives will be demanding strong federal legislation protecting children and protecting freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience,” said Canada Family Action Coalition executive director Brian Rushfeldt, in a release yesterday. 

“We must ensure judges do not continue prosecuting people for holding or expressing views that do not endorse a liberal politically correct philosophy. We must ensure that Canadians are free to express their views on issues of sexuality including homosexual behavior, as well as other foundational issues such as marriage, family, and morality.  We must demand that such views are not quenched, oppressed or prosecuted in this democratic nation that boasts of its tolerance.”

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