OTTAWA, Ontario, March 25, 2011 ( – Canada’s pro-life movement is gearing up for the May 2nd federal election, with the country’s pro-life political arm calling on supporters to get out the pro-life vote and spread information on the candidates.

“There’s nothing more important in this election than making sure you vote pro-life,” said Jim Hughes, national president of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), in a video Friday.  “Granting legal protection to unborn children is the civil rights movement of our time.”

Canada’s opposition parties voted Friday afternoon to topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

Comprehensive candidate evaluations on life and family issues will soon be available through CLC’s website.  These evaluations will include CLC’s rating, voting records where applicable, and quotes.

To compile the evaluations, the organization is busy distributing a short questionnaire to every candidate across the country asking their position on life issues.

They’re asking supporters to help complete these evaluations by urging candidates to fill out the questionnaires, and to make this a prerequisite for supporting their campaign.

They’re also asking pro-lifers to attend all-candidates meetings and ask candidates about their stances on life.  They suggest bringing a friend to film the responses, and then to send the video into CLC so it can be uploaded as part of the candidate’s evaluation.

Additionally, CLC includes a one-page, double-sided, ‘Election Guide for Serious Christians’, which can be distributed through church bulletins.

The guide, developed by a coalition including CLC, Canada Family Action, and Defend Traditional Marriage & Family, targets church-going, conservative Christians with a bold message of voting for candidates who support “non-negotiable moral principles” on five issues – abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual “marriage.”

“We’re confident that with your help we will once again succeed in electing more pro-life members of Parliament who are committed to rebuilding a culture of life in Canada,” says Hughes.

Find CLC’s full election resources here.

Find Campaign Life Coalition’s candidate questionnaire here.

Find voting records for Members of Parliament here.

Find candidate evaluations here. (Still in progress.)

Find the ‘Election Guide for Serious Christians’ here.