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Theresa Tam, chief public health officer of Canada.CTV News / YouTube

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A memo from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) shows officials neglecting to report all adverse effects from COVID vaccines and even going as far as telling staff not to report all events. 

According to a federal report obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, the PHAC did not document all side effects from the COVID vaccines as they claimed vaccines typically undergo “rigorous testing for safety.” 

“Should all adverse events following immunization be reported? No,” said the User Guide To Completion And Submission Of The Adverse Events Following Immunization Reports. “During their development, vaccines undergo rigorous testing for safety, quality and efficacy.” 

“During these ‘pre-license trials’ efforts are made to capture every single adverse event that follows immunization,” said the report. “By the time a vaccine is authorized for marketing the safety profile for common adverse events such as vaccination site reactions or mild fever is well known.” 

According to the PHAC, 55,145 Canadians have suffered an “adverse event” after receiving a COVID vaccine, including dizziness, nausea, vomiting, joint pain or difficulty breathing.  

10,906 of the cases were considered serious including 88 miscarriages, 116 cases of kidney damage, 198 cases of facial paralysis, 283 heart attacks, 289 strokes and 1,167 case of heart inflammation. 

Furthermore, the PHAC counted 442 deaths that “occurred after being vaccinated with a Covid-19 vaccine” as of May 26, 2023.  

Canada’s Vaccine Injury program has received 1,859 claims for compensation in cases of serious injury or death from the COVID vaccine. However, only 103 claims have been paid out so far totaling $6.7 million. 

Prior to COVID-19, the occurrence of just 20 or more deaths or other serious injuries associated with a new vaccine almost always led to a quick removal of the vaccine from distribution. Investigations would be initiated to determine the cause of the deaths and injuries and vaccinations would only be resumed if solutions were found to the life-threatening aspects. Instead, a vastly greater amount of harms has been considered acceptable for the Covid injections that do not even providesignificant protection against infection and transmission.

The User Guide instructed doctors, nurses and pharmacists to use discretion in reporting vaccine side-effects.  

“Of particular interest are those adverse events following immunization which meet one or more of the seriousness criteria: An adverse event that is life threatening or results in death, requires hospitalization or prolongation of an existing hospitalization, results in residual disability or causes congenital malformation,” said the report. 

The PHAC’s downplaying of vaccine injuries is of little surprise to Canadians, as just earlier this year a secret memo revealed that the federal government purposefully hid adverse effect so as not to alarm Canadians.  

The secret memo from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Privy Council Office noted that COVID jab injuries and even deaths “have the potential to shake public confidence.” 

“Adverse effects following immunization, news reports and the government’s response to them have the potential to shake public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout,” read a part of the memo titled Testing Behaviourally Informed Messaging in Response to Severe Adverse Events Following Immunization. 

Instead of alerting the public, the secret memo suggested developing “winning communication strategies” to ensure the public did not lose confidence in the experimental injections.

Despite the known side effects from the jabs, on Tuesday of this week, Health Canada approved a “modified” Moderna mRNA COVID shot to be distributed to Canadians this fall.