TORONTO, Ontario, September 30, 2005, ( – If religious people in Canada feel that they’ve been having a tough time lately, it’s probably not their imagination. So writes Lorne Gunter in a National Post column published Sept. 26, in which he makes it very clear that the “religious right” has to wake up and face reality.

In his lengthy, hard-hitting article Gunter makes many sobering claims that most leaders of Canada’s life and family defending organizations would regrettably largely agree with. All of them, to varying degrees have suffered from the indifference, short term commitments, weak efforts or even betrayal from other religious or social conservative Canadians that has many times lost them victories that were otherwise theirs to be had.

Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition Canada, disagrees with Gunter’s relatively pessimistic view of what Canada’s religious conservatives can still achieve. Hughes says that through a long overdue, united and sustained effort “we will knock the socks off those who have stolen the country away from us these past 40 or so years.”ÂÂ

  Conservative Columnist Calls on Canada’s Religious Right to Wake Up