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Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officerFlickr

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Claiming there could be “uncertainty” in the coming months regarding COVID, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, implied that a mask mandate for air travel that’s been in place for over two years is not going away anytime soon. 

“This kind of [mask] requirement requires ongoing evaluation, right now, of course, within the Canadian context, omicron BA2 is going strong,” said Tam to reporters this past Friday.  

If you’re going to be traveling with a group of people in a certain environment, I think it is prudent to continue to require wearing a mask.” 

Tam then claimed that masks “reduce the transmission of the COVID virus, offer an extra “layer of protection,” and take the “guesswork out of the traveler.”  

She also said that due to “uncertainty in the months ahead,” a mask mandate which has been in place for over two years will remain for now.  

Despite claiming masks work in stopping transmission of the virus, Canada’s Public Health Agency currently has no data on COVID cases linked to air travel.  

The efficacy of masks in stopping the transmission of COVID-19 has been shown by studies to provide next to no protection against the virus. 

As for mask mandates, their use has been shown not to lead to a lower viral transmission rate. 

Mask use has also been found to be harmful to children, likely causing damage to their cognitive development as well as increasing amounts of dangerous levels of carbon dioxide. 

‘Get your booster’

Tam on Friday also pushed for Canadians to “get your booster” and said that, for sure, “three doses in the era of omicron” will “help protect” Canadians. 

This is despite COVID-19 having extremely high survivability among most groups and studies showing a minimal risk of asymptomatic spread. Research also indicates that post-infection natural immunity is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity. 

Last week, Canadian Minister of Transportation Omar Alghabra said that a mandatory mask rule for travel will remain, even though the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner and neighbor, dropped its mandate. 

In early April, Tam suggested that mask mandates in all settings, despite most provinces in Canada now not requiring their use, should remain due to a potential “resurgence” of COVID.  

Currently in place in Canada as well is a travel ban by air, rail, or sea for those who have chosen not to get the COVID vaccines. 

The travel ban has been blasted by members of the Conservative Party of Canada, notably MP Leslyn Lewis, as a form of “segregation.” 

Vaccine-free Canadians hoping to cross into the United States via a land border are also still banned from entry as well.  

COVID vaccine mandates have split Canadian society, and the shots themselves approved for use in Canada have been linked to a multitude of negative and often severe side effects in children. 

They also have connections to cell lines derived from aborted babies. As a result of this, many Catholics and other Christians refuse to take them.