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(LifeSiteNews) – Leaders from Canada’s travel and tourism industry have demanded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “unscientific and unnecessary COVID policies,” including jab mandates, be scrapped within two weeks.  

In a press release sent out yesterday, the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable (the Roundtable), comprised of representatives from airlines, hotels, airports and travel organizations, said it is “calling on the federal government to provide urgent relief at the border by alleviating pressures currently facing travelers at Canada’s airports before June 15, 2022.” 

The Roundtable continued by saying that it is “urging the federal government to take the following short-term actions, to alleviate pressure on the system,” by its deadline.  

The actions it advises are the following: 

  1. Remove vaccination mandates for Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) workers; 

  2. Remove the Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) duplicate health checks and questions through ArriveCan at government checkpoints 

  3. Relocate or remove on-site mandatory random testing from Canada’s airports; and, 

  4. Establish clear service standard benchmarks for security and customs processing of passengers travelling through Canadian airports. 

The Roundtable argued that Canadians can attend “concerts, go to sporting events, and gather in significant numbers,” which means “travel should no longer be singled out with unscientific and unnecessary COVID policies which many countries around the world have rightfully removed.” 

The Roundtable added that it is “urging the federal government to remove bottleneck, bureaucratic processes and streamline government checkpoints.” 

“The government needs to require their agencies need to meet their intended levels of service and performance benchmarks. This will provide predictability for travellers looking to depart and arrive in Canada,” it said.   

The Roundtable suggested that the “monitoring for potential COVID-19 variants” can be done through other means such as “community wastewater testing, which is widely supported by scientific and medical communities.” 

“Canada’s airports simply do [not] have the infrastructure or the space to provide on-site passenger testing for COVID-19,” it declared 

Susie Grynol, President of the Hotel Association of Canada, said in the Roundtable’s press release that “we need to remove unnecessary requirements and streamline duplicative processes at our airports immediately as travel volumes increase by the day.” 

Monette Pasher, Interim President of the Canadian Airports Council said that in the face of “a lot of pent-up demand for travel,” it has become a challenge to manage that level of traffic “with the left over, legacy public health protocols still in place at our international borders.” 

“It would normally take a customs agent 30 seconds to process a passenger, and now it’s taking two to four times that because of public health protocols. Normal travel volumes cannot co-exist with current public health protocols in place within our airport facilities,” said Pasher. 

“We need the federal government to remove the remaining public health requirements at the border to immediately alleviate pressure on the system.” 

Pasher recently said that the COVID mandates in place are to blame for the massive delays at Canada’s airports.  

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Suzanne Acton-Gervais, Interim President and CEO of the National Airlines Council of Canada, said the Trudeau government’s border policies “need to reflect the new reality, or risk” that Canada becomes  a “country left behind.” 

“It is time for the Government of Canada to revisit COVID-19 pandemic restrictions placed on air travel, in line with a growing list of over 50 countries that have removed barriers to travel altogether,” added Acton-Gervais. 

Besides the Roundtable calling for an end to COVID mandates, recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said the Canadian government should end at once all COVID travel restrictions, including vaccine mandates.  

Earlier this month, the Canadian Airport Council called out the Trudeau government’s COVID mandates for calling travel chaos.  

Even the CEO of Canada’s second-largest airline WestJet said this week that Trudeau’s travel COVID vaccine mandates should be “dropped” right away.   

Recently, the Trudeau Liberals and the New Democratic Party (NDP) voted against a motion from Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Melissa Lantsman calling for the return of pre-pandemic rules and service levels for travel. The motion failed to pass by a vote of 201 against and only 112 for.  

The Trudeau government then said Tuesday that its travel COVID jab mandate, as well as virus border measures, will remain in place until “at least” June 30. 

Last year, Trudeau put in place a mandate that in effect bans those who have chosen not to get the COVID vaccines to travel ban by air, rail, or sea. The travel vaccine mandate bans Canadians from flying within Canada as well as out of the country. Very few exceptions are given.  

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Canadians who are vaccine free can fly home from abroad; however, they must provide a negative test and quarantine for 14 days upon their return.   

Foreign nationals who are not jabbed are usually barred from entry into Canada, but Trudeau has made an exception for Ukrainian refugees.  

Trudeau’s vaccine mandate is being challenged in court by People’s Party of Canada leader and former MP Maxime Bernier. 

Help Amanda recover from her vax injuries: LifeFunder