QUEENSLAND, Nov 18 ( – Canadian pro-abortion activist Joyce Arthur spoke Saturday at an abortionist conference taking place in Australia, where sex-selection was advocated as a legitimate reason for abortion. Arthur, the president of Vancouver’s Pro-Choice Action Network, who spoke to the assembled crowd on “laws and access,” is developing a reputation for addressing meetings with radical agendas. 

At a September 29, 1999 Students for Choice rally in Vancouver, Arthur spoke shortly after APEC-protester Garth Mullins, who told the crowd to commit acts of violence and vandalism against abortion opponents. Pro-lifers who attended the rally noted that Arthur could have calmed the situation by telling the crowd to oppose the pro-life movement in a peaceful way. 

The abortionist conference caused such controversy in Australia that at least three of its invited guests from the United States were sent letters from the Australian government warning them not to cause “civil discord.” One of the abortionists, Warren Hern, was even detained by customs officials. 

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With files from Pro-Life E-News Canada.